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Trade your junk car, truck, or SUV in for cash: a simple, legal way to earn money in Massachusetts

  • Do you own an old car, truck, of SUV in Massachusetts that you’d love to get rid of?
  • Do you have an abandoned vehicle taking up space on your property?
  • Do you have a car that you worry will break down while you’re driving?
  • Do you have a car, truck, or SUV that requires too much money in repairs?

Whether you live in Pittsfield, Boston, Provincetown or anywhere in between, Cash Auto Salvage is the smart choice for your auto salvage needs.

Why choose Cash Auto Salvage if you live in Massachusetts?

  1. Save time: We provide same-day service, so you can get on with your busy day.
  2. Guaranteed service: We have a huge network of reputable auto salvage lots throughout the state, so no matter where you live or where your car is located, we can take care of you.
  3. Instant cash: We pay you cash at the time of delivery or pick-up. No waiting, no gimmicks.
  4. Save money: Unlike some others, if your vehicle is not in working condition, we will tow it for you at absolutely no cost to you.  
  5. We keep the process simple for you and provide the highest cash value for your vehicle.

About Cash Auto Salvage

Cash Auto Salvage is a customer-service focused auto salvage business with a network of auto salvage yards in Massachusetts and across the United States. Our number one goal is to offer all consumers who own either an unusable junk car, SUV, or truck or one that is doing more harm to your pocketbook an easy, economical, and environmentally-friendly option that immediately puts cash in your hands. We provide outstanding customer service, the highest dollar amount for what your auto’s value, and even provide same-day car removal when you decide you’re ready to trade your junk car in for cash.

How to start the process in Massachusetts

We invite you to call us at 855-540-4649 for a free, no-hassle quote or get a free online quote. Once you answer a few questions about the vehicle you’re wishing to remove, we will provide you with a quote, and work with you on the next steps in the process.