How Can I Junk My Car for $500? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Marc Skirvin
Marc Skirvin

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Find a company that specializes in buying junk cars and either contact them by phone or fill out their online form. Typically, you can receive a cash offer instantly. From there, setup a convenient time for the junkyard to pick up the vehicle and pay you.[/sc_fs_faq]”How can I junk my car for $500 cash?”

If you have an junker car sitting out in your driveway, you might be asking yourself that question right now. When an old car sits for an extended period of time, it can turn into an eyesore and even affect the curb appeal and value of a home.

Rather than allowing for it to sit anymore, you should strongly consider finding a buyer for it. No matter how bad of condition your car might be in, there are people out there who would be willing to take it off your hands.

These people will tow your car off your property so that you don’t have to worry about looking at it anymore. They’ll also give you a stack of cash for your car and allow you to profit off it.

Here’s how you can junk your car for cash.

Find a Company That Specializes in Buying Junk Cars

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The price of scrap metal has gone down significantly over the course of the last five years. In some places, the price is down 70% from where it was just one year ago.

But despite this, you won’t have too hard of a time finding a car junker in your area to buy your vehicle. There are thousands of these companies throughout the U.S. that are willing to pay cash for junk cars.

Conduct a simple Google search for “who buys junk cars near me for cash”. Try to find junk car buyers that are:

  • Experienced when it comes to buying junk cars from people
  • Willing to provide you with the most cash possible to get their hands on your junk car
  • Able to tow your car away from your home without you having to worry about a thing

Once you’ve found a company that you can trust, give them a call to get the process of junking your car started.

Provide the Company With Information About Your Car

In 2019, it’s easier than it’s ever been to junk a car for cash.

You used to have to go through the hassle of calling around to different junk car buyers to see which ones would offer you the best price. But in the digital age, selling your car to a junk car buyer is as simple as filling out an online form.

Go to your preferred junk car buyer’s website and find the form that they use to make offers to their clients. To fill out the form, you’ll likely need to include:

  • The year your car was made
  • The make and model of your car
  • Your car’s trim level
  • Your location

The average form only takes a few minutes to fill out. By the time you’re done asking, “How can I junk my car for cash?”, you’ll be all finished with it.

Decide Whether or Not to Accept an Offer From the Company

Once you’ve submitted the online form for your car, a junk car buyer will usually provide you with an offer for it within just a few minutes. In some cases, they’ll even send over an offer right away.

From there, you’ll be able to decide whether or not you want to accept the offer. If you’re happy with it, you can take the junk car buyer up on their offer and begin the selling process. But you also have the option of thinking your decision over if you want.

You should never feel like you’re being pressured into selling your car to a junk car buyer. They should give you the space you need to make a decision that you feel comfortable with.

Prepare for Your Car to Be Taken Away

If you decide that you’re going to accept the offer that you received from a junk car buyer, let them know that. Then, start preparing your car to be taken away.

You don’t have to clean out your car if you don’t want to. But you should check to see if there are any personal possessions that you want to remove from it. Look in your glove box, underneath your seats, and in your trunk for anything you want to keep.

You should also remove the license plates that are on your car if you haven’t done it already. In most states, you’ll need to return these plates to the DMV when you junk your car.

Look for the Title for Your Car

You don’t necessarily need to have the title for your car to sell it to a junk car buyer. There are ways for a buyer to help you get around not having a title.

The process will take longer than it should if you don’t have your title handy, though. It’s why you should make every effort to find it before you junk your car.

Get Paid for Your Car on the Spot and Watch It Get Towed

The best part about junking your car with help from a junk car buyer is that you won’t have to wait around for weeks or even days to get paid. Your buyer should come with cash and give it to you before you sign over your car to them.

They should also come to pick up your car equipped with a tow truck. The only thing you’ll need to do is sit back and watch your car leave your driveway while you count the cash you earned. 

Stop Asking “How Can I Junk My Car for $500?” and Junk It Today

Junking a car seems like a complicated process to some people. As a result, they spend months asking, “How can I junk my car for cash?”, and never get around to doing it.

Don’t let this be you! Find out how much cash you can get for your junker car and make the right moves to get it off your lot. You’ll love the feeling that comes along with getting rid of it and collecting cash for it.

Use our free junk car value calculator and get an offer in 90 seconds or less!

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