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Some people consider junk cars that just sit on their lawn a piece of art work. (Their neighbors might disagree!) Maybe you even have a junk car, SUV, or truck that sits around because it seems like too much of a hassle to do anything else with it. If ease is the appeal, it’s important to know that Dallas law finds your vehicle less appealing, and they’ll make you pay for it via fines. Both DMV regulations as well as Dallas ordinances will fine you for a vehicle if it doesn’t have a license plate and does not have insurance. If you have a junk car taking up space, don’t pay for it; rather, earn money for it.

Rather than having an old car sit there while the grass grows around it, and the Texas sun fades its paint, Cash Auto Salvage provides an honest and easy way for you to earn cash for it instead. With free removal and on-the-spot cash payment, Cash Auto Salvage is the best in Texas. No matter the condition of your vehicle, we will accept any car or truck and pay you for it because it does have value. Please do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

There’s something for everyone in Dallas – sports, shopping, arts, history, amusement parts, and much more. The point is that we know you’re busy, and no one wants to spend time dealing with their junk car, so we will keep this process easy and fair so it doesn’t take up your time, the vehicle doesn’t take up any more of your space, and we put the cash you deserve in your hand immediately.

Start the car selling process:

Simply call 855-540-4649 or get a free online quote, and we will ask you a few questions about the vehicle and where you are in the Dallas area to give you an accurate quote. Get the process started today, and we will help you along the way because let’s face it: there are so many things to do in Dallas and worrying about your junk car is not one of them.  To help with the process, it’s important to know which documents you’ll need.


In order to trade your junk car, SUV, or truck for cash, you’ll need the following paperwork on hand to easily and legally process the exchange with a junkyard representative.


  1. Your driver’s license or other state-issued identification.
  2. The title to the vehicle: You must have the title to legally sell your car.

If you don’t have the title, you can get a duplicate from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles who will be happy to replace the title for you. You need to fill out form VT-34 Application for a Certified Copy of Title. Take this to your DMV regional service center, pay a minimal fee, and receive a duplicate title. (If you send the application by mail to Wichita Falls, Texas, you’ll only have to pay $2.00. But it’ll take longer.)

Junk Car FAQs

No, every vehicle that we buy we pick up for free!

We pay our customers with cold hard cash, on the spot when we pick up the vehicle. We can also make arrangements to pay you with a money order or check.

The value of each car is based on the year, make, and model. The more information you give us such as mileage and if there is any damage to the vehicle help us come up the highest most accurate price possible.

In most cases, yes! Cash Auto Salvage is a nationwide junk car buyer that offers vehicle buying and towing services 7 days per week in some areas. Call us at 855-540-4649 to get a free offer and to find out if our junkyard near you is open on Sunday.

Cash Auto Salvage pays you cash anywhere in Texas!

Recently Purchased Cars & Trucks in Dallas

1995 Ford Mustang
Dallas, TX 75080
Cash Paid: $450

1990 Ford Ranger
Dallas, TX 75217
Cash Paid: $120

2002 Subaru Forester
Dallas, TX 75001
Cash Paid: $700

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Unable to verify mileage

Selecting “unable to verify” may decrease your offer and should only be selected if you cannot visually confirm the mileage of the vehicle upon inspection of the odometer.