Find Auto Salvage Yards Near You

Find Auto Salvage Yards Near You

Auto salvage yards or “junk yards” serve many purposes. If you have a vehicle that’s not in great condition (or maybe not in working condition) and you’re looking to trade it in for cash, a salvage yard is a great place to do that. Salvage yards are a great way to earn cash on a vehicle if it falls into any of these categories: 

In addition, junk yards are great places to pick up spare parts at a significantly lower price than you’ll find elsewhere. Before a car is scrapped, any part that’s in good condition or can be refurbished is removed from the vehicle and re-sold. Not only is this a more affordable option, it’s more environmentally friendly than purchasing a new part. 

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Find a Junkyard Near You

Why a Salvage Yard is a Great Place to Find Car Parts

Sell Your Car to an Auto Salvage Yard

Not All Junk Yards are the Same

Top Five Reasons to Visit a Junk Yard

Find a Junk Yard Near You

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Why a Salvage Yard is a Great Place to Find Car Parts

A junkyard is a great place to find used replacement parts at a fraction of the cost you would pay elsewhere. They’re great places for rare parts that may no longer be made anymore (think older cars!), and they’re great for new parts that normally expensive. For example, if a new car is considered totaled by an insurance company and sent to a junk yard, there are several parts that are still usable. These parts are removed and re-sold for much less than their market price. 

If you’re looking for something specific, your best bet is to drive to your closest salvage yard during their business hours and let them know which part you need. (You can try to call to save time, but keep in mind that many employees at salvage yards wear many hats and it may be easier to speak to someone in person.) 

Many junk yards have computerized databases that make the search much easier. In addition, many vehicles share similar or identical parts, so it’s smart to do a little research before you go and look up what other vehicles were built with the same part as the one you need. You could also ask someone who works at the junkyard if they can help with this. 

If the salvage yard does not have a computerized database, you can visit the salvage yard and browse their inventory. Not only can you find cheaper parts, you can find some rare parts, too. 

Junk yards are great for those looking to save some money on car parts. Whether you’re looking for one part or you’re a car junkie who likes to build and rebuild cars, your pocketbook will thank you.

Sell Your Car to an Auto Salvage Yard

If you have a car, truck, or SUV that’s not in great condition or not in working condition, it’s a great idea to consider selling it to a junk yard. Not only is it an honest and legal way to quickly earn cash, it’s a relatively simple process. 

It’s a smart idea to receive multiple quotes from various salvage yards. Many offer the opportunity to receive a free quote online. Quotes heavily rely on the price of steel which fluctuates according to market value, so when you receive your quotes, make sure you do within the same time frame to fairly compare them. 

At Cash Auto Salvage, you can receive a non-obligation quote for your vehicle by using our online system or you can call us at 1-855-922-3095. Make sure you provide as much detailed and accurate information as possible to the so that you can get an accurate quote. As a convenience to our customers, we also provide free towing if you’re unable to drive your vehicle to the salvage lot. 

To complete the process and receive your cash, you’ll need to provide the vehicle’s title and show proper ID. If you have any questions about either of these requirements, be sure to contact the auto salvage prior to meeting with them to exchange the car for cash.

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Not All Junk Yards Are the Same

From the outside, junk yards might look the same: heaps of metal and scrap parts. The truth is that not all of them operate the same or will provide the same amount of cash for your vehicle. Research auto salvage yards near you and gather multiple quotes for the vehicle you’re looking to trade for cash. Find out what documents are necessary to make the trade and if towing is included in the price or if it’s an additional fee. 

Be mindful of common junkyard scams. Having knowledge of the scams ahead of time will help you avoid them! 

Scrap metal prices fluctuate according to market value. Since a large portion of your vehicle’s price is based on steel prices, it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye on steel prices and look at current trends. 

Look at customer reviews. The top auto salvage companies, like other top businesses, pride themselves on excellent customer service.

Top Five Reasons to Visit a Junk Yard

Junkyards can look intimidating. They’re loaded with parts, parts, and more parts! You may think you need to be a skilled mechanic to take advantage of all that a junk yard has to offer. The truth is, any one can benefit from visiting a junk yard, and there are five great reasons to check one out.

  1. You can find rare and/or normally expensive parts for a great price. Auto salvage yards have a variety of used car parts that are perfect for car repairs. They’re available at a fraction of the cost, and some of these parts would be hard to find otherwise. Most junkyards have computerized databases and/or staff members who can help you find what you’re looking for.
  2. Scrap yards offer an environmentally-friendly alternative to purchasing brand new parts. Buying parts that have been recycled is a much greener option than buying new, more expensive parts. 
  3. Walk away with cash! Junk yards will pay you cash for cars, trucks, and SUVs that may otherwise be worth nothing. Not only is the steel in your car recyclable, there are several other parts of your car that are worth money, too. The make, model, and year of your car will play a role in determining the value of your car. Not only is this a way to earn quick, legal cash, you’re also helping the planet by recycling your vehicle. Don’t hesitate to get a non-obligation quote for your vehicle from an auto salvage yard to find out how much it’s worth.  
  4. If you need a bigger or more expensive car part like an engine, transmission, or an alternator, visit an auto salvage yard. Many auto salvage yards will refurbish these parts and sell them for a slight profit. Even when they sell them for a profit, the cost is still much less expensive than buying one new. 
  5. You’ll never know what you’ll find! Even if you know what you’re looking for, you may be pleasantly surprised to find other gems. If you’re someone who likes to rebuild cars, a junk car is like a treasure chest. You can even check out the parts right on the spot. If you’re someone who likes to get your nails dirty, consider a place like this heaven.

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