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Thinking of selling your junk car? If yes, you’re in the right place to discover tips and tricks to get the best value for it. We have in-depth information about how to sell a car, junk cars, junkyards, scrap prices, common problems, auto parts, and other car selling tips.

Is It Worth Keeping a Scrap Car?

Staring at your old, battered vehicle, you might wonder, “Is this scrap car more of a treasure or just another piece of junk cluttering my space?” It’s a common crossroads for many, pondering whether to breathe

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How to Remove Junk Cars From Your Property

Got an old clunker sitting in your yard, gathering rust and turning your once beautiful space into a makeshift junkyard? You’re not alone. Across neighborhoods, junk cars have become more than an eyesore. They’re environmental hazards, leaking

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What Happens to Your Junk Car Parts?

Cars, like us, have lifespans. But when they reach their end, their parts live on in unexpected ways. Have you ever wondered what happens to those discarded bumpers, worn-out engines, or rusty frames? It’s not all

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Can You Drive Without a Catalytic Converter?

As many as 153,000 catalytic converters were stolen in 2022. Why such a staggering number? With the increasing demand for these crucial car components, many find themselves asking a pressing question: Can you drive without a catalytic converter?

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