What is a Salvage Title?

Marc Skirvin
Marc Skirvin

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What is a Salvage Title?

Salvage Title Vehicle
What is a salvage title vehicle?

Do you have a damaged vehicle and need to know what the legal title is? At Cash Auto Salvage we will purchase your salvaged title vehicle and give you the best price, in cash, as possible. If your car is severely damaged and has received a salvaged title, we will buy your vehicle and no one is turned down.

How to Know If Your Car Could Have a Salvage Title

After an accident, a car will need to be inspected by the insurance company and receive a report. If your vehicle has 75%-90% of severe damage or more your car is considered salvaged. This means that your car will be registered as a “total loss” and be illegal to drive, sell, or registered in its current condition. Once you receive your “salvage certificate” you have only a few options.

It is a good idea to get a CarFax report done to be sure, this way you will know exactly what is wrong with your vehicle. The two biggest areas to know your car is a salvaged title is by the frame damage check or the airbag deployment check. If either or both of these tests are failed your car is a salvaged title and cannot be driven or sold in its condition.

Frame Damage Check

If you can, visit an auto body repair facility to have a mechanic inspect your vehicle. Straightened metal will be permanently fatigued. This can cause future weaknesses and bigger problems in the future. If it is beyond a certain point, it is best to sell your salvaged vehicle to a salvage yard.

Airbag Deployment Check

This is one of the most important features of a car. If your airbag is missing, or the deployment is damaged, your vehicle is unsafe and cannot be driven or sold for operation. Have a mechanic or car professional determine if your airbag is working and call us for any questions.

Top Signs to Know Your Car Might Have a Salvaged Title

  1. Your car has been totaled
  2. Your car was stolen and recovered
  3. Your car was damaged from a natural disaster
  4. Your car has aftermarket components
  5. Your car is an old kit car, or replica
  6. You want to sell for parts
  7. Your car is an old antique and not working

What Are The Benefits to Selling Your Salvage Title

If your vehicle has been inspected or you know it is a salvage title, you should consider selling your vehicle to Cash Auto Salvage. Is your car really worth investing thousands of dollars to have it work or be sold again, only to have even worse problems in the near future? If your car will be more trouble selling than it is worth, then do not waste your time. Our nationwide service will buy any and all salvaged titled cars and give you cash upon pick-up. With the money you save in forgoing costly repairs and the cash we will pay you, maybe you can purchase a better vehicle today.

What Are You Waiting For?

Call us today at 855-540-4649 to learn all of the possibilities waiting for you. When you sell a salvaged car, you are getting the absolute best deal possible. With us, you will receive top-quality service and know that you are getting the best deal around. Call today to learn more from our knowledgeable staff.

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