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Another Man’s Treasure: Why You Should Consider Donating Your Junk Car to Charity

Marc Skirvin
Marc Skirvin

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Do you have a junk or scrap car on your property that you’re looking to get rid of?

Having a large vehicle on your property that isn’t serving any purpose can be a huge nuisance, not to mention an eyesore.

But, if you decide to sell your car, it can take several weeks, even months to make the sale. Plus, you’ll have to put in a lot of time advertising your car, showing it to potential buyers, etc.

And, after investigating the different types of car removal services, you’ll quickly realize that most charge you money to remove your car.

Luckily, there’s another option out there that provides a ton of benefits for those looking to get rid of their car. What’s the other option, you ask?

Donation. Many people never think to donate their cars, which is a real shame, as it offers so many benefits.

Read on to learn exactly why you should consider donating your junk car.

Free Towing

First things first, donation services offer free towing!

Unlike other car removal services, which charge you a pretty penny to remove your car, donation services do not charge you anything at all.

Many people think that it’s better to have their junk car towed to a scrapyard, as this way they can make some money for the parts. However, once you add in the towing services, it is highly unlikely that you will make a profit.

Plus, many car removal services come with hidden fees that they don’t hit you with until it’s time to pay. With donation services, there are no hidden fees. Truly, there is absolutely no catch if you choose to donate your car.

Tax Benefits

Did you know that donating your car can help you get a deduction on your taxes?

Once you donate your car, the organization you donate to will work to sell it at a charity event or auction. After a sale is made, you will get a receipt stating how much the car sold for.

If your vehicle sells for under $500, you can typically claim the fair market value of the car. If it sells for over $500, you’ll get to claim the exact amount for which it vehicle sold.

If this sounds the least bit confusing, don’t worry. Most car donation companies will help you through the IRS guidelines so you know exactly what to amount you should be deducting.

Pro Tip: Before donating your junk car, make sure the charity you choose has 501(c)(3) status with the IRS. If they don’t, then they are not a real charity and you will not receive a tax deduction for your donation. Also, it’s very important you hang on to the sale’s receipt, as this is the proof you need to show in order to receive a deduction.

Get Rid of a Vehicle in the Worst of Conditions

If your vehicle is in a particularly poor condition, you may think that you can’t donate it. However, this is not the case.

Almost all donation services will accept cars in any condition. While cars in better shape are obviously ideal, even the most beat up junk cars can make a difference.

Clean Out Your House

Most donation services accept more than just junk cars. Many also accept boats, jet skis, SUVs, RVs, motorcycles, fleet vehicles, trucks and trailers.

If you are also looking to get rid of any of these items, donating is a great idea. There is no limit to what a donation service will pick up.

Therefore, if you have a boat, jet ski, and a car you need to get rid of, you can do it all in one go with a donation service. Some donation services will even pick up household items in addition to vehicles. Knowing this can finally give you the motivation you need to clean out your house and your yard.

More Space

A junk car is more than just a huge eyesore. It’s also a total waste of space.

Given the fact that most junk cars don’t run anymore, it can be nearly impossible to move them to a space where no one can see them. If your car is hanging out somewhere in your yard or your garage, imagine how much space you will have when it’s all gone.

Donating your junk car is an extremely quick way to get rid of it, meaning you’ll soon be able to make use of all the extra space.

Avoid Hassle

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, it can be a huge hassle to scrap your junk car.

However, donating a car could not be easier. Typically, all you have to do is make one phone call or fill out a simple online form. Next thing you know, a donation service is at your home, ready to pick up your car.

Help Others

This is perhaps the biggest benefit that comes with donating your car. When you choose to donate, you choose to help others in need.

After your car sells, the money from the sale is donated directly to a charity. You can even choose a car donation service based on the charity you’d like to see the money go towards.

Donation services donate their money to veterans programs, cancer research centers, homeless shelters, and more. The simple, small task of donating your car can make a world of a difference in someone else’s life.

Are You Ready to Donate Your Junk Car?

Now that you know all the benefits of donating a junk car, all you have to do is find a donation service in your area.

Before you donate your car, you will always want to conduct research on the charity you choose. Make sure it is a legitimate charity, as well as one you support. You can check out sites like CharityWatch to find reviews of different charities.

However, if you are still considering bringing your car to a junkyard, make sure you check out this article about common junkyard scams you need to avoid.

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