Tips for Getting the Most Cash When Junking Your Car

Marc Skirvin
Marc Skirvin

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Many car owners eventually end up facing the ultimate dilemma: Should I spend money on more repairs for my vehicle, or is it time to junk my car?

The good news is that you can at least recoup some of the value of your car when you sell it to a junk or salvage yard. Not only does this make sense financially, it’s good for the environment. Old and run-down cars tend to pollute more than newer ones, and 25 million tons of materials can be recycled from junk cars every year.

There are a few ways you can prepare ahead of time in order to get the most cash for cars you take in for scrap. Follow these tips to get the best scrap prices for cars you no longer need.

Locate the Title

In order to sell your car to anyone, you need to establish proof of ownership. Make sure to bring along your vehicle title so that the sale can go quickly and smoothly.

Know What’s Wrong

If you understand which parts of your vehicle are in need of repair and which parts are still perfectly fine, you’ll be in a better position to negotiate the amount of cash for junk cars you can get from different dealers and compare the offers respectively.

Get the Value

In addition, make and model both matter here, too. Find the Blue Book listing of your car to get a handle on what it’s really worth.

Read the Law

Every state has varying “lemon laws” that govern how junk cars can be bought and sold. Read up on any restrictions or regulations that you may need to follow in order to get cash for cars as soon as possible.

While you might not want to do a full tune-up, a vehicle that still drives can be worth a lot more than a dead one. Some dealers might also charge you a fee if they have to pick up the car themselves. So while the motor’s still running — but maybe on its last legs — contact a scrap dealer to see what kind of value you can still squeeze out of that lemon car.

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