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Driver Side Front
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Driver Side Rear
Passenger Side Rear
Driver Side Front
Passenger Side Front
Driver Side Rear
Passenger Side Rear
The engine and transmission are intact
The engine and/or transmission are missing parts
The engine and/or transmission are removed
Driver Side Front
Passenger Side Front
Driver Side Rear
Passenger Side Rear
Driver Side Front
Passenger Side Front
Driver Side Rear
Passenger Side Rear
Driver Side Front
Passenger Side Front
Driver Side Rear
Passenger Side Rear

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The make of your car refers to the brand name, such as Honda, Chevrolet, Ford, Mercedes, BMW, etc. If you’re unsure what make your car is, you can use your VIN to find your vehicle.

The model lets us know what type of car you have, for example: Accord, Sentra, Focus, Equinox, 328, etc. If you’re still unsure of what model you car is, you can look up your VIN on the form and we’ll figure it out for you.

Trim is just another name for the style/sub-model of your car.

For example, the Ford Explorer has an LT, Limited, Sport, and Platinum trim levels. Depending on the make of your car, it may be a series of letters, such as LX, or a word such as Sport. Still unsure? Try searching for your vehicle by using your VIN.

clean title means your car has never been wrecked or rebuilt. 

salvage title means your car has been declared a “total loss” by the insurance guys. 

rebuilt title means the car was salvage but later repaired. 

Your vehicle is considered drivable if it moves under its own power when placed into gear, it’s safe to drive, and free of major mechanical issues. The car must start and drive in its current condition. We require that you have the keys in your possession, and that a functioning battery is installed.

Check your car for any damage the size of a baseball or larger. Damage may include dents, rust, scrapes, or anything resulting from an accident.

Inspect your mirrors, glass, and lights, etc. to make sure they’re bolted to the vehicle and intact. If you find any cracked or missing mirrors, glass, or lights, let us know.

There are a variety of factors that go into valuing your vehicle. Depending on year, make, model, and condition, our offers typically fall within the $100 – $15,000 range. Complete our online form to get an accurate offer.

No, every vehicle that we buy we pick up for free!

Unfortunately, we cannot purchase your vehicle if you still owe money on it. When you do pay the vehicle off you will receive a lien release from the financing company that will need to be attached to the title for us to purchase it. If there are old liens on your title you that have been paid off in the past, but you have lost the lien release you will need to go to your finance company and have them reprint this documentation.


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