Is It Worth Keeping a Scrap Car?

scrap car worth keeping

Staring at your old, battered vehicle, you might wonder, “Is this scrap car more of a treasure or just another piece of junk cluttering my space?” It’s a common crossroads for many, pondering whether to breathe new life into an old friend or to say farewell, making room for something new. The term “scrap car” … Read more

Car Scrap Prices: What Is Your Junk Car Worth in 2024?

junk car prices

The car needs repairs. Again. Are you tired of paying for one vehicle repair only to find another a few weeks later? Maybe you’d like to be done with your truck, but it still runs, and it’s in decent shape. Dealerships offer lower prices for trade-in vehicles. Selling your car online can be a hassle … Read more

What Happens to Scrapped Cars?

scrapped cars

Do you want to sell your car to add to your budget for buying a new vehicle? Are you looking to make space in your yard for the new car you plan to buy? If you want to do both, bring your car to a scrapyard and let them take it as one of their … Read more

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