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Junk Car Selling FAQ’s

Junk Car Selling FAQ's

No matter what junkyard you take your vehicle to, there are some common questions that are applicable to the entire process.

What Paperwork Do I Need to Process the Sale

You will need the title to the vehicle to show that you are the owner. In addition, you’ll need your driver’s license and depending on the state, you may need the vehicle’s registration. 

If you don’t have your registration, you can easily obtain it from your state’s motor vehicle department website. The junkyard can tell you whether you need your vehicle’s registration.

Are There Any Exceptions if I Cannot Get My Hands on the Title?

It depends on where the car is located. Some states absolutely require it before the vehicle can legally change hands. In areas where you don’t need a title, some junkyards will accept a copy of your driver’s license or other form of valid ID and a copy of the registration, current or expired that matches the form of identification. 

It’s important for you to inform the junkyard immediately if you do not have the title and ask for its policy.

Do I Need the Keys to the Vehicle?

Having your keys makes removing the vehicle easier. That being said, if your vehicle is going to be recycled then there is no problem if keys are unavailable.

How Do I Get Paid?

Ask the junkyard ahead of time how you can expect to be paid. Cash is the best and safest way to get paid. Be sure to review the list of junkyard scams before accepting other methods of payment.

Do I Need to Pay for Towing?

It depends on the junkyard. If they charge for towing, be sure that’s included in the estimate. At Cash Auto Salvage, FREE towing is always included.

Is There a Fee for Requesting a Quote?

No, whether you submit an online form or call via telephone, there is no fee for requesting a price quote on your vehicle.

What if I still Owe Money on My Vehicle?

Unfortunately, your vehicle cannot be purchased if you still owe money on it. When it is paid off, you will receive a lien release from the financing company that will need to attach to the title before a junkyard can purchase it. 

If there are old liens on your title you that have been paid off in the past, but you have lost the lien release, you will need to go to your finance company and have them reprint this documentation.

Do Newer Parts Increase the Value of My Car?

Typically, newer parts will not increase the value of your car simply because its looked at for its scrap value rather than the parts value. If the parts are valuable and the vehicle still runs, try to sell it as a used vehicle to maximize your return.

Can the Valuation of My Car Change?

If the vehicle is as described, the offer should not significantly change. If there is a case where the vehicle does not match the submitted description, then a junkyard has the right to change its offer, and you have the right to accept or reject the price change.

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Unable to verify mileage

Selecting “unable to verify” may decrease your offer and should only be selected if you cannot visually confirm the mileage of the vehicle upon inspection of the odometer.