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Top 5 Takeaways – Junk Car Selling

The Top 5 Takeaways

There’s a lot of information to digest, but don’t let it overwhelm you and prevent you from acting. Instead, use this information to motivate you to sell your junk car, SUV or truck and get the most value for it.  Here are the top five things to remember moving forward:

1. Do Your Homework Ahead of Time

This includes getting multiple quotes, finding out what those quotes include, being able to answer questions about your vehicle as accurately as possible, and having a general sense of what your car is worth.

2. Keep an Eye on the Factors that Play a Role in Determining Car Value

Look at the value of scrap metal, how quickly the parts of your car are deteriorating, what parts you can cheaply fix to increase its value, and how much you might be charged for towing and other labor-related expenses.

3. Take it Upon Yourself to Maximize Your Vehicle's Value

Time is money, so the more time you take to prepare your vehicle before its stripped and crushed, the more money will end up in your hands.

4. Be Mindful of Junkyard Scams

Even though that are many reputable junkyards in business, there will always be some that operate with lower ethics. Don’t give them your business. You have the right to take your car to any junkyard, so be sure to do business with one that is not trying to scam you.

5. Meet Your Goal of Junking Your Car for CASH

If you walk away without the vehicle and without cash, something did not happen according to plan. Make sure it goes according to plan. Find a junkyard that pays cash and find one that pays you the amount you deserve. Remember, not one of them is “doing you a favor” by taking your vehicle.

top 5 tips for selling junk car
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