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How It Works

Where Do I Start?

Interested in selling us your junk car but don’t know where to begin? Start here by reading this! We will answer all your “how to” questions, making your selling experience with Cash Auto Salvage as simple as ever, recycling your car for cash and letting us handle the rest, ensuring your vehicle is recycled meeting and exceeding all industry standards!

How do I know I should junk my car?

If you are saying yes to these four statements, consider giving us a call!

Sign #1 Your car is not in good condition.

Sign #2: Your car is an older model.

Sign #3: Car Dealership isn’t offering you much.

Sign #4: Expensive fixes.

It really is up to you, consider these three things before selling your junk vehicle.

1. Search for a company in close proximity.

2. Make sure the company is environmentally friendly.

3. Compare rates and do your research.

4. Be Wary of Too Good to Be True Offers

Also be wary of quotes from yards that seem to be too good to be true. They are! They will tell you this price, then upon arrival jack it up.  What are you going to do then? Call another yard to sell it to and restart the process, or just be done with it?

You can count on Cash Auto Salvage


Wait! We REALLY Want Your Vehicle!

We pay $100 – $15,000 for cars, trucks, & SUV’s – no matter the condition. Get paid on the spot + free towing!

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