Luxury Selling Tips: The Best Way to Sell a Car That’s Exotic

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All luxury car owners dread of this situation. You have to scrape up some extra cash and have to sell your hot rod.

Even though you love cruising around in your toy, luxury cars can bring back some serious cash.

The average mid-size luxury sedan is worth $55,000! Even if you don’t get back all you paid, selling your luxury car can bring in a decent profit.

But how do you attract luxury car buyers? Selling a luxury car isn’t like the average car sale. That’s why you need to know the tools of the trade.

Here’s the best way to sell a car – the luxury car edition!

Where to Sell a Luxury Car

A car owner has many options when selling their luxury car. The internet makes it easy to list and advertise your car and to even connect with customers. Here are some options you have.


Many car owners turn to popular classified websites. Luxury car buyers access these websites because they’re simple to use and many car sellers post on there.

Most of these services are cheap and even free.

You can post your photos, a description of the car, and your contact information. Just about every city has a classifieds website and some of the larger classified websites have a specific section for every major city.

Online classified websites usually have the fastest sales. There’s no middleman and you can arrange all payments yourself.

If you decide to go this route, be careful. Classified websites such as Craigslist are notorious for scammers and robbers. The DMV lists common car selling scams and how to avoid them.

Car Listing Websites

Car list websites have a similar set-up as a classifieds but are more reliable. You’re certain to connect with potential buyers who are trustworthy and have the money for your car.

The only issue with these websites is you have to deal with a middleman.

If there’s no middleman, you’ll at least have to obey within the terms of the website. This includes paying any fees, following a specific title transfer protocol, and agreeing to certain advertising limitations.

Most of these websites aren’t free. The fees vary but expect to pay a few hundred in fees for a luxury car.


If you’re aiming to sell your car fast, you can auction it off. Buyers state their price and compete with each other to get the best price. You can find a local car auction in your town, but there are many ways to auction your luxury car online.

The only issue with auctions is they’re really risky. While buyers could bid more than the car is worth, they could also bid for way less. That’s why it’s essential you set the starting bid and see how much your customers are willing to pay.

Cash-for-Cars Websites

Cash-for-cars websites are your best option. They’re easy, reliable, and you receive the cash upfront. Most of these websites use old cars for their scrap parts and their metal.

These websites have locations just about everywhere and they’re easy to access online.

Steps to Sell Your Luxury Car

Selling a luxury car requires different steps than a traditional old car sale. Follow these steps when selling your luxury vehicle.

Step 1

Start compiling your advertising material. Take photos of your car. Write out a detailed description.

Your description should include the make, model, year, color, the mileage, and any features and specifications. Plan other marketing methods, such as budgeting for ads.

Step 2

List the car for sale. Use one of the methods described. If you’re selling your car for cash, you can skip step 1. The seller will ask you specific questions about your car.

It’s also helpful to do your own research and see how much your car is worth.

Step 3

Once you have a buyer, fill out a bill of sale and transfer the car title. Make sure you remove the license plate before the buyer takes the car.

Before transferring over the title, make sure the payment is clear. It’s easy to scam a car buyer with a fake or fraudulent check. Always contact their bank if you’re sensing fraud.

You don’t have to worry about this step if you’re selling your car for cash. The cash-for-cars company will hand over the cash and will tow your car.

Additional Tips When Selling Luxury Cars

As mentioned before, luxury car sales are unlike traditional car sales. And luxury cars are far more expensive than the average car. That’s why you should prepare yourself when selling your luxury vehicle.

Here are some additional tips.

The Brand Counts

From Mercedes to Lamborghini to Audi to Aston Martin. While all of these are luxury vehicles, they’re all different. That’s why the brand matters more than you think.

As well as researching your exact model and year, research the brand itself. Pay attention to the brand’s value and their resell.

The Smaller Details Matter

When advertising your luxury vehicle, take all details into consideration. These small details truly make a luxury car unique. These details include the materials of the interior, performance features, and any customizations and upgrades.

Take the Buyer Out for a Test Drive

When you buy a car, what’s the main selling point? Test driving! As a luxury car owner, you know the thrill of driving a high-end vehicle. Give your buyer the same experience – this will help convince them to buy the car.

Are you worried your buyer will drive off with the vehicle? No worries – insist you ride with them. Route out the test drive and direct them where to go.

The Best Way to Sell a Car – Luxury Edition!

Selling off a high-end vehicle can be heartbreaking. Before listing your hot ride, know the best way to sell a car.

The most reliable way to sell a car is to get the full car’s worth in cash. Get your offer now!

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