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Why Craigslist Is Not the Best Place to Sell Junk Cars

Marc Skirvin
Marc Skirvin

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When you have finally come to terms that the car in your garage is now considered junk, the best thing to do is sell it. After all, don’t you want to make something out of it? The question is, where should you sell it? 

There are many places you can sell your car, but you need to know the one that will ensure you get the best offer. Craigslist is indeed a popular place to sell vehicles, but when it comes to junk cars, this may not be the best place. Why? 

There Are Many Scammers 

Over the years, scammers have found their way on Craigslist. Being an excellent and popular marketplace to buy and sell stuff, scammers have used the platform to take advantage of sellers. 

Should you use Craigslist, it’s crucial you be mindful of the people you speak with online. Also, be wary of fake checks, promises to pay by the tow driver, and other scams that are being used for cars on sale. 

It’s Time-Consuming

When you choose to sell online, you need to commit time—a lot of it. One, you need to take quality and detailed photos of the vehicle and type in the details, such as the current condition, history, and reason for selling. 

When you get offers, you need to sift through scammers and ensure you only speak to legit buyers. As mentioned, Craigslist is now a hotspot for scams, so you need to be very mindful. 

Only a Few Real Offers

When you put your junk car up for sale, it’s only natural to want to get real offers. However, that’s something you really can’t get on Craigslist. This is because only a few people are looking for junk cars on Craigslist, which means your options are pretty low. If you do get many offers, it’s likely these are scams until proven wrong. 

Low Offers

On Craigslist, you’ll probably get very low offers for a junk car. As mentioned, there is a very small market here for junk cars. Plus, it’s impossible for you to get a fair offer here for a junk vehicle. 

You’ll be lucky to receive an offer that is over a hundred dollars here. Trust us; you’ll likely get more low-ball offers than reasonable ones on Craigslist.

Involves Lots of Paperwork

The paperwork becomes even more complicated when you sell junk cars on Craigslist. You need to work out the logistics, and it’s difficult to trust complete strangers when you only transact online. This is when the chances of getting scammed are very high. However, you may encounter buyers who will offer to take care of the paperwork, but usually, they do it improperly or won’t even do it all; therefore, you still become liable. 


These are the reasons selling junk cars on Craigslist is a bad idea. Sure, the platform is useful for other stuff, but it’s definitely not the place for junk cars. You can find other ways to sell your junk car by going to a company that specializes in buying them. 

Want to sell a car for cash? Cash Auto Salvage buys junk cars! No need to worry about low-ball offers and getting scammed. Here, you’ll get your money’s worth for a car you used to love. Get your offer today! 

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Marc is the Co-Founder of Cash Auto Salvage and Director of daily operations. He retired from a leading Internet Marketing company in 2013 and has been involved in the automotive industry ever since.

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