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Where Can I Sell My Junk Car? Everything You Need to Know

Marc Skirvin
Marc Skirvin

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Is your junk car taking up space on your property?

It may be tempting to leave it there but an old car takes up valuable space that you can use for storage. Getting it out of your garage will give you more storage space for sports equipment or even other cars. What’s more, you can sell your junk cars for cash.

Deciding to sell your clunker for cash is the best choice if you want to get some value from it. But it can be confusing to get the best dollar for your scraped car. From answering questions about how to sell my junk car to where to sell my car for cash, our guide will help you sell your junk car for top dollar without any hassle.

How to Sell Your Junk Car

Many car owners don’t know where to start when selling their junk cars. These steps should come in handy:

Step 1: Choose a Trusted Removal Service for Junk Cars

First, you should get in touch with a reputable salvage yard dealer. This means one that has a valid license and insurance, has good customer service and offers the greatest return for your unwanted car or truck. The best way to assess their credibility is to visit their junk cars for cash website and check out the customer reviews.

Step 2: Collect Your Car’s Vital Information and Documentation

When you are ready to sell your junk car, ensure you have the important information and documentation of your car including car title, make, model, body condition, mileage, and more. It makes it easy for the cash auto salvage dealers to offer you a quote.

Step 3: Get a Quote for Your Junk Car

Although your car or truck may not run, most salvage yards will pay you good money for it. The value of a junk vehicle will depend on the make, model, and condition it’s in. Other factors that go into the pricing include the weight and the completeness of your vehicle.

You should research different salvage yards and see the factors they consider when giving quotes. It helps you figure out how to get the most out of your clunker.

Step 4: Set a Pickup Time

If you agree with the cash offered for the junk car, you can set up the pickup place and time. You can take your car to the yard or opt for companies with free towing services. The junkyard can pay you more for taking your car or truck to them.

You should also ensure you choose salvage yards that can work around your schedule. There are auto salvage yards that can pick up your junk car for cash on the same day.

Step 5: Removal of Personal Property

Whether it’s floor mats, wallets, paperwork, clothes, or even water bottles, a lot of personal property tends to accumulate in your car over time. You should spend time taking it off the vehicle. You don’t want your confidential and valuable things to go off to the car yard. Also, remember to remove the plates.

Step 6: Complete Sale Paperwork

During this process, you should have an understanding of your local laws and restrictions regarding selling junk cars. In some states, you may need legal paperwork to scrap the entire body of your car. You should sign all the paperwork needed to transfer your junk car.

Step 7: Get Your Cash for Cars

When selling your junk car for cash to a reputable dealer, they will always pay you the quoted price. Most salvage yards will pay cash when they pick up the vehicle. Only hand over your junk car if you’ve been paid. What’s more, be wary of salvage yard dealers that try to negotiate during pick up. They’ll try to get you to sell your car at a lower price.

Step 8: Notify Your Insurance Company and DMV of Sale of Vehicle

You should notify the DMV about the car sale through their online website, calling them, or visiting a customer service center. Also, notify the insurance company and take your insurance policy off the sold vehicle.

How to Sell My Junk Car for Top Dollar

Looking to sell your car to a “junk my car” company for the best value? Consider the tips below:

Ensure That You Own the Vehicle

Most scrap yards can’t buy vehicles from third parties but the owner. For yards that accept to buy from third parties, they will pay less.
If you want to get more money for your junk car, make sure that you can claim ownership by having the title for the vehicle and the keys. You must also make certain to the buyer that you know where to find its title and keys.

Spruce Up Your Car

If your junk car is old, you can make some changes to make it more presentable to your buyer. This doesn’t mean you should repair every inch of the car. You can clean out the rust and maybe spraying some paint on it. When giving your junk car a makeover, you should pay specific attention to areas your buyer will notice.

Ensure Your Car Has its Parts

Is your car extremely damaged? Worried you won’t make much money from it?

Don’t fret because most salvage yards will buy your junk car for its parts. That’s why it’s important to keep your car parts intact so you can sell them for the highest value.

Determine Your Vehicle’s Value

You need to find some reliable information about your junk car’s estimated value. It helps you get an upper hand when negotiating prices with salvage yard dealers. There are reputable nationwide platforms that can help you figure out the actual value of a used vehicle.

All you need to do is enter your clunker’s details. You should be as honest as possible when indicating your junk car’s current condition so that you can get a near-exact estimate.

Find a Dependable Salvage Dealer for Your Junk Car

Got a junk car? Been searching online, “where can I sell my junk car?”

Well, look no further than Cash Auto Salvage. We help you sell your car fast and for top dollar—no matter what condition. Get an instant offer today.

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