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Reasons Why You Should Not Leave Your Junk Car in Your Yard

Marc Skirvin
Marc Skirvin

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There are instances when people would still keep their cars in their yard even though it seldom works. Some may say that it’s due to their sentimental value, others say that it’s because there might still be a chance for it to be fixed, and the rest just feel too burdened to do anything about it right now, so they just leave it be.

There are many reasons people leave their junk cars in their yard, but what they’re not aware of are the disadvantages that the junk may cause in the long run. If you happen to be one of them, take note of the following instances and the possible hazards they may cause you along the way:

They May Bring the Ire of Your Neighbor

No one wants to deal with an angry neighbor or be contacted by their homeowner’s association due to frequent complaints. The thing about having a junk car in your yard is that it may turn out to be an eyesore. Due to its current condition of not running consistently, it may just be stuck in your property, gathering dust and peeling away its paint due to the extreme weather. 

If it turns uglier over time, your neighbors may have a problem with it, well enough for you to get a piece of their mind. Do yourself a favor and clear it out to avoid any conflict within the community.

They May Attract Rodents and Other Types of Pest

Pests occupy whatever they can for all reasons needed for their survival. As long as it keeps them safe from predators and the ever-changing weather, they will tuck in and multiply. Your junk car isn’t exempted from this, especially if you haven’t been checking up on it for a long time. 

Rodents, insects, and even snakes may crawl up in and under out of desperation in finding a new home. Prevent this from happening by either clearing out your car or check on it from time to time just to shoo away any unwanted tenants.

They May Leak Toxic Fluids

Running cars usually leak fluids like oil and water, but vehicles that have been stuck in one place for a very long time usually spreads more. This is very risky, as there is a tendency to leak on your pavement, causing adverse effects both to your property and its surrounding area. 

You may need to take it off your driveway or leave it in a garage to keep your home and your household safe.

They May Accumulate Rust Over Time

Let’s say that your junk car can still run for a few miles, at least well enough for you to manage your groceries and other outdoor errands. It may seem like a happy ending overall, with it being finally unstuck in your yard after being stagnant for many weeks. 

But the truth is, you may still encounter something along the way, especially if your car has been accumulating rust the whole time it was in your yard. If ever you’d be involved in an accident, you may be charged with driving an unsafe vehicle, as evident with the rust on your hood.


Leaving your junk car to rot in your yard is a terrible idea. Not only are you creating a haven for pests to dwell in, but it may also lead to toxic leaks and neighborhood eyesores. If you do not want to experience any of the disadvantages above, be sure to get rid of them as soon as possible. Save yourself from all sorts of headaches and go for a new car instead—trust us, storing your junk car is not even worth it.

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