Sedan vs SUV: Which One Is More Reliable?

Marc Skirvin
Marc Skirvin

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The car you drive should fit your lifestyle and meet your needs. After all, it plays a huge role in getting you through your daily tasks. Not to mention, when you invest in a car, you want to get your money’s worth out of it.

According to the American Automobile Association Foundation, drivers spend close to an hour per day in their cars. With that amount of time spent, it’s vital to choose your vehicle wisely.

On that note, if you’re having a hard time choosing between a sedan vs SUV, keep reading this guide! 

What Does the Acronym SUV Mean?

You’ve likely heard the term SUV used as a word to describe larger sized vehicles. However, there’s an actual meaning behind the acronym SUV, and it stands for Sports Utility Vehicle.

The build of SUVs is designed to give a more powerful performance on tough roads. Many of them come with all-wheel drive, which boosts durability while traveling through rough terrain. If you take frequent road trips, an SUV works well for providing a better experience.

Sedan vs SUV: The Plus Side

You’re probably scratching your head and thinking, “Which is better? A sedan or SUV?” Well, they both have something to offer that the other doesn’t. Here are a few benefits that each has to offer:

Sedan Advantages

Fuel Economy: Most sedans come with an entry-level four-cylinder or a V6. Both options provide a better fuel economy than an SUV. You should take this into consideration if gas costs matter to you.

Purchase Price: Usually sedans are less expensive than SUVs. You can save money by having less space in your vehicle and doing without someone of the features that SUVs have.

Drivability: While sedans are smaller than SUVs and have less space on the inside, that could be an advantage. A smaller car is easier to maneuver and fit into tight parking spaces. If you’re someone who doesn’t let a lot of interior space, a sedan vs SUV might better a better option.

SUV Advantages 

Reliability: The durability of your SUV depends on the make and model that you get. However, SUVs are created with more expensive parts that are often more reliable. That means the engine has a greater capacity and the other car parts can endure more wear and tear. An SUV offers more assurance for the driver and has a longer life span.

Space: The additional room that you get in an SUV is significantly more than in a sedan. Extensive space means more seats for family members, extra room for pets, equipment, and more. An SUV is a perfect compromise for people who need more space in their vehicle, but don’t want to ride around in a minivan.

Towing Capacity: In addition to extra the space, a midsize SUV vs a full-size car provides towing capacity. Not only will you be able to add more items in the interior, but you can haul objects on the back. An SUV makes pulling boats and other motor toys a lot easier than a sedan.

Safety: One biggest contrasts between a sedan vs SUV is the safety. SUVs have more safety technology because they are designed primarily for families. Plus, their size makes them more resistant during front crashes, and they have more airbags to protect passengers.

Compact SUV vs Sedan: Narrowing Your Options

You won’t truly know which option is best for you until you go to the car lot and get a feel for the vehicles that you like. However, when deciding between a sedan vs SUV, there are other factors to consider.

Starting a Family

If you need a new car but you have no children, you might opt for a sedan. On the other hand, if you and your partner plan on building a family, it might be wise to purchase an SUV. Normally, people keep cars for a few years, so it’s best to have to the proper vehicle in place before the little ones arrive.


Even if you don’t need extra space for a family, that doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from an SUV. If you’re someone who loves traveling across the country and you don’t mind sleeping in the back of your car, get an SUV. Furthermore, having an active lifestyle that requires things like camera equipment or surfboards work well with SUVs.


You should consider your environment when buying a vehicle. Although an SUV may have more bells and whistles, it could also take up lots of space. If your home has a small garage or tight parking spaces, it may be better to get a sedan.

Not to mention, sedans are perfect for working or living in a downtown area where parallel parking is required. 

SUV or Sedan: Which Will You Choose?

There’s a lot to keep in mind when choosing between a Sedan vs SUV, but hopefully, this article helps you a bit. The best way to narrow your decision is to determine which vehicle has the most features that you desire.

When it all boils down, you want a car that’s reliable and provides the best experience. Will a Sedan or SUV do that? Only you can decide!

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