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How Many MPGs Does My Junk Car Get?

Marc Skirvin
Marc Skirvin

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Whether you’re looking to buy or interested in junking an old vehicle,  it is important to know any car, even your current one that you are driving MPGs.

How Many MIles Does My Car GetWhat is MPG? MPG stands for miles per gallon, meaning how many miles your car can travel before it uses a gallon of gas. Each car has two different MPG numbers, one for city and one for highway. Typically, the highway number will be higher. Different types of cars are better on fuel economy than others. For example, trucks and SUVs tend to have higher MPGs than small cars and sedans. However, there are several flex fuel and hybrid vehicle types on the market today that have the highest MPGs.

As gas prices now a days are constantly fluctuating, fuel efficiency is becoming more of a critical factor. Knowing your or any car’s MPG can help you determine if it’s a gas guzzler. Once you know the MPG, you can figure out useful financial situations. These scenarios include how much a 10 cent increase in gas prices will affect your budget, how getting a car with better MPG will lower your monthly costs in gas, or if your car is getting fewer MPG than it typically should, that you need to get it checked out at a service shop.

Find Out The Miles Per Gallon on Your Junk Car

Finding out your car or a future cars MPG is quite simple. By logging on to http://www.fueleconomy.gov you can simply find and compare different vehicles fuel economy and MPG. All you need to enter is the year, make, and model of a vehicle. It also gives you the option to search by car class, year, and how many MPGs you are interested in. This website is powered by the U.S. Department of Energy. Not only does this website offer the fuel economy information, it also provides energy and environment and safety ratings.

Knowing a MPG for any car is key for the money you put back into your car through gas. When scrapping your car, knowing this number can also help us give you the most money for your junk vehicle. If you are interested in salvaging your car, let us at TJ’s Auto Recycling give you a free quote by logging onto http://www.cashautosalvage.com or by calling 855-922-3095.

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Marc is the Co-Founder of Cash Auto Salvage and Director of daily operations. He retired from a leading Internet Marketing company in 2013 and has been involved in the automotive industry ever since.

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