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Sell Your Junk Car In San Mateo, CA

Looking to get rid of that clunker? Our junkyard will buy your car anywhere within the greater San Mateo, CA area – and we’ll tow it for FREE!

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We Pay Cash for Cars in San Mateo

With a well-developed downtown, and a variety of jobs in technology, financial services, retail, health care, and government, San Mateo is a great place to live. The only thing is that it costs a lot to do so! The housing market is one of the most expensive in the country! Although we can’t necessarily help with a down payment, at Cash Auto Salvage, we can help to get you some extra cash in a way that’s super convenient to you if you have an old or junk car that’s doing nothing more than taking up space on your property or requiring too much money in repairs.

If you’re driving an old car, truck, or SUV, perhaps consider doing yourself, your fellow drivers, and the environment a favor and trading it in for cash instead. Given that the cost of living in San Mateo, extra cash wouldn’t hurt.

What if my old junk car, truck, or SUV doesn’t run anymore?

That’s okay! No matter what the condition of the vehicle, even if it’s not in working condition, it still has value, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. At Cash Auto Salvage, we work with so many customers, that we can tow your vehicle for free as well. The condition, make, model, or year does not matter. After we receive or tow your junk vehicle, we recycle your vehicle according to all California regulations.  

Why choose Cash Auto Salvage in San Mateo?

Save time: We provide same-day service and pay you cash on the spot.

Guaranteed service: We have a large network of reputable auto salvage lots throughout the area.

Instant cash: We pay you cash at the time of delivery or pick-up.

Save money: Unlike some others, we do not charge you to tow your car.

How does the process work in San Mateo?

We know you have other options when it comes to discarding your junk car, so we appreciate your consideration, and we will keep the process easy and straightforward for you. Either call our toll free number at 855-922-3095 for a free quote, or get a free online quote. We will ask you a few questions about the vehicle in order to give you an accurate quote. If you decide to work with us, which we hope you do, we can pick up your vehicle for free, and we pay you cash at the same time. If you’re able to drive your vehicle to the junkyard, we will pay you cash upon drop-off. If you do not have the vehicle’s title to show ownership, please let us know beforehand. We will provide tips on how you can obtain the title or other ways to show proof of ownership.

Getting started in San Mateo:

Simply call 855-922-3095 for a free, no hassle quote. Get the process started today, and we will help you along the way because let’s face it: there are so many other things to do in San Mateo and worrying about your junk car is not one of them.

Junk Car FAQs

No, every vehicle that we buy we pick up for free!

We pay our customers with cold hard cash, on the spot when we pick up the vehicle. We can also make arrangements to pay you with a money order or check.

The value of each car is based on the year, make, and model. The more information you give us such as mileage and if there is any damage to the vehicle help us come up the highest most accurate price possible.

In most cases, yes! Cash Auto Salvage is a nationwide junk car buyer that offers vehicle buying and towing services 7 days per week in some areas. Call us at 855-922-3095 to get a free offer and to find out if our junkyard near you is open on Sunday.

Cash Auto Salvage pays you cash anywhere in California!

Recently Purchased Cars & Trucks in San Mateo

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San Mateo, CA 94010

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San Mateo, CA 94404

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We pay up to $20,000 for cars, trucks, & SUV’s – no matter the condition. Get paid on the spot + free towing!

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Unable to verify mileage

Selecting “unable to verify” may decrease your offer and should only be selected if you cannot visually confirm the mileage of the vehicle upon inspection of the odometer.