5 Reasons Why Auto Salvaging is the Best Way to Sell Your Old Car

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If you have got a perfectly good car that’s running smoothly, then auto salvaging might not be the first thing that comes to mind. 

It’s a valid question too. Why scrap something that’s working fine?

And the answer is simple: It’s worth more.

But it’s important to know how and why, as every car is unique and different.

Understandably, you will want to balance price, convenience, and time. Knowing you’ve made the right choice needs a well-researched understanding of exactly why you want to sell the car in the first place. As obvious as that sounds.

Here are five reasons why selling your car to a junkyard isn’t just junk!

1. The Sum of Its Parts

Breaking a car down for parts is what most people think of when their vehicle is a write-off. The classic junkyard will take these cars apart, reuse what they can, and recycle the rest. 

However, it’s not just old, tired cars that have value. More and more people are starting to realize that their vehicles are in better condition than first thought. This has resulted in a situation where many are confused about where to sell their cars to. What may appear useless to one person is useful to another. 

So even your local salvage yard will take your vehicle in and recondition it for someone else to enjoy. This kind of service is excellent for businesses that want minimal fuss.

For example, you may run a taxi service and need to replace your vehicle every couple of years. So even though the car is cared for, you need to make sure it won’t break down with passengers in. As a result, it’s usually better to sell the car before it’s too late. That way, you can upgrade to a newer model that will reassure your customers that you won’t let them down.

There is a counter-argument to this, though. Today we live in a disposable society, where the latest and greatest technology, fashion, and cars are a must-have. And for taxi drivers and other professionals, that can not be more true. The vehicle is their livelihood and needs to reflect not only the functionality but also their business image.

But we see more and more people take out car loans every day to fund this new lavish lifestyle.

Is Financing a New Car the Right Choice for You?

Did you know the average American spends a whopping $31,000 taking out a new car loan?

Brand new cars will eat away at your finances in those first three years of ownership; for some, that can cause issues, of course. But as America moves more towards an online, service-based society, it’s more important than ever for many citizens to drive a car that looks the part, as well as acts the part.

As a result, it’s no surprise that older, well looked after cars just aren’t selling. The demand isn’t there. And in places where there is a demand, dealers are selling part-exchanged used cars cheap to get them off the forecourt or sending them straight to auction.

It could be worth saving yourself and everyone else time and money by selling it to your local salvage yard instead. That way, you would not have to worry about where that deposit will come from to fund your new car because it will be with you almost immediately.

2. Alternative Uses for Vehicles

How many times have you watched Hollywood movies and TV programs where there’s an old car being blown up mid-chase and wondered, “I wonder who used to own that car?”

Well, there is a market for that too.

Alternatively, you might have a neon pink car that many potential buyers would not want to make the effort respraying, but it still drives like a dream.

There is a demand from several industries for these unique cars. They often look to auctions and tradespeople for vehicles they can incorporate into their profession. But more people are learning that salvage companies are a great place to discover the specific vehicle they need for the task at hand.

Another great reason to sell your car, whatever condition it is in, is for charity. Salvage companies can sell or donate correctly working, reconditioned vehicles to charities. By going down this route, they can make sure they get a cheap, reliable alternative means of transport to carry out their day to day work.

Plus, your car is helping someone in need, which is always a rewarding experience.

Creative or Sporty It’s Useful To Somebody

A growing number of mechanics, artists, and businesses were inspired to recycle car parts, giving them a new lease of life as furniture, art, or even musical instruments! Not only does this help the environment, but it brings a whole new dynamic to the product they are selling. These businesses approach the yards to source specific components, a significant advantage of breaking up used vehicles.

Another classic example that often gets overlooked is those old cars are often used for destruction-derby-style banger racing.

There is a huge market for old, working, reliable vehicles that are irrelevant to their external condition and are incredibly well kept on the inside. These are valuable to racing enthusiasts. It makes it cheaper for them to modify the vehicle to their requirements, especially if the car and the engine are structurally intact, which is why they would be interested in your working vehicle.

As you can see, many people for all kinds of reasons are queueing up at these salvage companies waiting for a specific car to arrive in stock. Find your local depot today and see what they can do.

3. Stress-Free Selling

Who wants the hassle of having to advertise a car, pay money to do so, only for potential buyers to cancel at the last minute? Or you soon discover you sold the vehicle with a hidden issue, which causes you to stress afterward?

Selling your car to an auto salvaging company takes all that discomfort out of the experience for you. All you need to do is turn up with the relevant paperwork (and the car, of course!), and the salvagers will sort everything out for you. It’s even more accessible these days with the internet.

Some offer a service where you can do the whole transaction online, and they collect your car free of charge, freeing your valuable time up.

Understandably finances can be a sensitive subject. But if you are in financial difficulty, it is always good to speak to someone first about managing your debts. If you are unfortunate enough that you need to sell your car quickly, selling to an auto salvaging company is a stress-free way to do so. Still, there may be other options available if your vehicle is an essential part of your lifestyle.

If you decide to sell your car to a salvage yard, it’s the easiest and quickest way to alleviate those worries. While you may not get the full amount you wanted, paying for insurance on a car stood on the driveway is money sat there wasting away!

4. The Future of Auto Salvaging

You may not have considered selling your fully working car to a salvage company as an investment in your future. But did you know that driving a used electric vehicle can save you hundreds of dollars a year in running costs, costing just $0.05 per mile? 

Did you also know that there is a growing market for salvaged electric car batteries? This alone is already incentivizing scrap yards and mechanics to adapt their business model across the globe.

In Europe, salvage yards are already sourcing battery packs from write-offs for over $5000. Mechanics and enthusiasts are buying these batteries from auto salvaging companies worldwide, reconditioning them, and installing them in older electric vehicles! The original batteries then get refurbished, and the process repeats.

Other mechanics recycle the motors and transmissions in classic cars for restoration projects. The engine parts may not be available anymore. 

In other countries, people are already converting modern gas cars. A Frech company recently claimed to have designed a 4-hour turnaround, recycling the gasoline engine and fitting an electric motor and battery for just $6000!

Expect to see scrap value increase as car fanatics everywhere convert their old gasoline cars. Reasons could be down to changes in the law, or just for fun, into electric-powered vehicles. 

So if you already own an older Chevy Volt or a Nissan Leaf, there’s a good chance your car will increase in value over time.

5. Other Things to Look Out For

Don’t forget to check reviews to ensure you are getting the best deal from a trusted, reputable yard. There’s nothing worse than realizing you could have sold at a higher price by taking a couple of hours out of your day to shop around for the best deal.

Don’t be afraid to run some mystery shop tests on some scrapyards. Go to them with information that shows you’ve done your research. There will, unfortunately, be some people out there who will take advantage of someone less knowledgeable than themselves.

If you ask a question that you know the answer to and the scrapyard gives you a suspicious answer, move on to the next yard until you find one you can trust.

Whether it’s on the internet or amongst friends and family, word of mouth is still one of the best ways for companies to establish trust in a community. Therefore, a sensible auto salvage yard will give you an honest answer and a fair price.

If you do shop around for the best price, don’t always fall for dealer talk. They may offer a high price to entice you to part exchange your car for a newer one, and you will end up spending more money than you wanted to because you walked out there and then with a brand new car.

They may offer you a low price to make the deal seem sweeter when all they are doing is getting you to spend more money at the end than you were going to before you went in.

Have a Goal in Mind, and Stick To It

While we’re talking preparation, be sure to follow these simple guidelines to make sure you’ve done absolutely everything you need to before handing your car over. From cleaning and preparing your vehicle to make sure all the legal documents are available. Just because your car is old, or damaged, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take great care when bringing it into your local yard. 

Any depot will offer you a better price if you can show that your car has been well looked after both inside and out, whatever your reason for selling it.

Scrap Isn’t a Dirty Word Anymore

Gone are the days when cars went to the junkyard and got scrapped. There’s much more to it in today’s climate. Reducing wastage in all areas of life, and sustainable living is essential to ensuring we can continue to enjoy our vehicles for decades to come.

Ultimately it’s the job of the auto salvaging community to make sure that no car gets wasted. If there isn’t a use for a part of the vehicle, guaranteed there would be someone out there who wants it for something completely different.

It’s easy to forget that a car isn’t always just a car. It’s an assembly of well-crafted parts that will always be useful to someone else.

Why not take a look and find out your car’s value today.

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