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Why You Should Sell Your Car to Auto Salvages

Marc Skirvin
Marc Skirvin

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Why should you sell your car to auto salvages? The best reason is that they will give you the best deal for your vehicle.

Besides that, it means you get spendable cash, in your hand, immediately. There are some ways in which it can even save you money. Plus, it’s good for the environment.

In fact, a better question is, “Why wouldn’t you want to sell your car to auto salvagers?” At least, that’s the question you’ll be asking as soon as you read this list.

What follows is a detailed list of reasons why you should consider selling a car to an auto salvage. Read on to learn more.

1. Get Cash Now

Need cash now? Sell your car to an auto salvage. Many auto salvages pay in cash the same day you sell your vehicle.

Plus, this is far better than other “fast cash” options. For example, taking out a loan or paying for something with a credit card will require you to pay back interest. Depending on the terms and conditions you agree to, you could lose a lot of money this way.

But when you sell your car for cash, you aren’t borrowing anything. There’s nothing to pay back and no interest. The money is yours, plain and simple.

2. Get a Better Deal From Auto Salvages

Also, you’ll get a better deal for your car when you sell to auto salvages, anyway. The truth of the matter is, they aren’t paying you for your entire car. They’re paying you for each of its parts. 

It’s the parts, not the car, that they’re reselling. This is what separates salvages from used car dealers, and why salvages will give you a better deal. 

Conversely, when a used car dealer buys your car, it’s so that they can sell the whole car back and make a profit. But in order to make a profit, they buy it at a very low price so they can sell it at a much higher price.

Auto salvages don’t have to do this. They can buy at a higher price because they’ll still make a profit when they sell back the parts individually.

3. They Accept Any Car

Furthermore, a used car dealer may not want your car, anyway. They have strict standards concerning the condition of the cars they accept because they need to make sure they can resell them.

They might be willing to repair/refurbish your car to a certain extent. But they definitely won’t take a junk car, or any vehicle that’s too dilapidated for their liking.

Auto salvages, on the other hand, aren’t nearly so picky. They’ll take just about any car, even junkers.

Remember, they don’t need your car, just its parts. And they’ll pay you a very decent price for what those parts are worth. (That’s a lot better than the $0 the used car dealership will give you.

There is one condition, though. You will most likely have to prove ownership of the vehicle.

This prevents people from stealing their neighbor’s car and selling it for parts. Still, as long as you can prove the car’s yours, you shouldn’t have any trouble selling it to an auto salvage.

4. Auto Salvages Make It Easy

Speaking of junk cars, auto salvages generally don’t have a problem towing your vehicle if it’s immobile. You don’t have to worry about how to bring the car to them. They will come right to you and remove it for you.

It’s possible that they’ll do this even if the car is operational. This is not a service that used car dealers or individual buyers generally provide. But it’s definitely more convenient and safer for you.

That’s especially true if the car is in questionable condition. A used car dealer would ask you to drive it to them anyway. That could mean risking a breakdown, blowout, and/or car accident.

5. Old Cars Are Unsafe

Speaking of breakdowns and blowouts, why would you want to risk such things by continuing to drive that old jalopy? The fact is, the older your car gets, the more dangerous it becomes.

Parts become worn out and inefficient. Then they fail to do their job correctly. Soon enough, they start breaking down, one-by-one.

Sometimes, this is just mildly inconvenient. But, when it happens at high speeds on the freeway, it can be deadly.

The bottom line is, if your car is getting up there in years, get rid of it. That is, sell it to an auto salvage and use the money to invest in a new car. Driving an old car is not worth the risk.

Of course, we all know that driving a brand new car doesn’t guarantee that you won’t get in an accident. But it definitely lowers the chances of this happening.

6. Save Money By Getting a New(er) Car

Another thing about your car’s various parts breaking down at random times: it’s expensive. Besides becoming more dangerous, your car becomes more expensive to maintain as it ages.

The Lifecycle of Car Cost

More accurately, the monthly cost of your car progresses in 3 specific stages. First, the car is new. At this stage, you’re making payments but you hardly have to pay for any repairs. 

Next, you finish paying off your car. Aside from general maintenance, you won’t have to put much money into your car at all for a while. That is, the payments are finished and the parts shouldn’t need replacing for at least a few years.

Finally, years later, the parts will need to start being replaced. At first, this happens infrequently enough that it still costs less than making payments on a new car.

Eventually, though, you could be spending over $500 a month to keep repairing your old vehicle. That’s about the same price as a new car payment.

Besides that, every part in your car runs less efficiently at this point. This means your car has to burn more gas to keep functioning, which also adds to the cost. As an example, Consumer Reports found that a 10-year-old car costs over 4 times more to maintain than a 3-year-old car.

Why Pay So Much?

At this point, why keep paying so much to keep the old car going? You could, instead, sell it to an auto salvage and use the cash as a downpayment on a much newer car. If you’re going to pay hundreds of dollars per month, you might as well be paying for a new, functional vehicle.

7. Old Cars Are Obnoxious

Besides being dangerous and expensive, a car that breaks down all the time is simply a pain. Why continue to put yourself through all that? Just sell it to an auto salvage and invest in a more reliable transportation situation.

8. Auto Salvage Is Good For the Environment

Inefficient car parts that are burning extra gas and oil are obviously not good for the environment, either. But, besides taking your nasty old clunker out of circulation, there are a lot of ways in which auto salvaging is eco-friendly and sustainable. Here are a few good examples.

Your Old Car Is Bad For the Environment

Just by existing, your old car is an environmental hazard. Driving it burns more gas than a new car would. And letting it sit and rot eventually causes dangerous chemical fluids to drip from your car into the earth.

It would be much better for you to have it safely disposed of.

Safe Disposal of Your Old Car

Speaking of which, safe disposal is exactly what auto salvages do with your car. They make sure any unusable parts are disposed of as cleanly as possible. This way, they won’t corrode into environmental hazards.

As an example, auto recycling prevents 24 million gallons of motor oil from seeping into the earth every year.

Sustainable Disposal of Your Old Car

As for the parts that are useable, they are resold and, therefore, recycled. This reduces the need to manufacture new parts and new vehicles. Since the production of these parts would consume materials and emit greenhouse gasses, auto salvaging is the most sustainable vehicle disposal choice as well.

9. Your Home Will Look Nicer, Too

While your car may hold sentimental value, surely you don’t cherish how it looks on your driveway after all these years. That beat-up old clunker is an eyesore you won’t miss when you replace it with something shinier and newer. Furthermore, you might be having trouble disposing of that eyesore if it’s inoperable.

Fortunately, an auto salvage can help with all of these problems. Namely, they can tow your old car and dispose of it while providing you with the means to purchase a new car. That’s a win-win-win scenario!

If You Need to Get Rid of Your Car, Sell It to an Auto Salvage

Auto salvages take your car in exchange for all these benefits. So, are you ready to see what your cut of the deal will be? Well then, do it!

If you have a car you need to sell, call us now to get started. Or get an offer right here on our website.

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