How to Sign Your Title in Ohio

Wondering where to sign your Ohio title? Below is a quick guide to help you with the process.

Where To Sign

In Ohio, your title has to be notarized before you can sign it. The notary stamps, verifies and certifies your title at a nominal fee.

You can get a notary presence from a post office or your local bank. Ensure that, you have a valid identification card before booking an appointment with the notary.

Find the section that reads ‘TRANSFEROR’S / SELLER’S SIGNATURE’, on the back of your document, on the top half section.

Important Tips About Signatures On The Title

  • Signatures must be similar. Always check to ensure that you are signing correctly and accurately before you can sign the title.
  • Alien holders that have been listed on your title must be the ones to sign off the title. However, if the alien holder is not available or cannot sign, you will require to have the original lien release from the lien holder.
  • You must sign the title in the presence of a notary.

Where To Print Your Name

On the back of your Ohio title, find a field that reads ‘TRANSFEROR’S / SELLERS PRINTED NAME’ next to the signature section.

Important Tips About Names

  • Ensure that the owner(s) name in the front of your title is an exact match of the seller’s name at the back of the title.
  • For multiple owners let’s say it reads ‘your name AND other owners name’ at the front of the title, both you and the other listed owner must sign the title.  

What If You Don’t Have A Title?

The Ohio BMV demands that you provide a title before you can sell a vehicle.

However, if you might have misplaced or lost the title, you can get a duplicate copy from the Ohio BMV title bureau

Duplicate Time

By mail (2 weeks)

In person (same day)



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