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How Long Do Ford F150s Last?

Marc Skirvin
Marc Skirvin

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Ford F150s are an excellent investment if you’re looking for a truck that will last.

Ford has built F150s well since the start, and the 2021 Ford F150 shows no sign of letting up. For example, the Ford F150 electric truck has created quite a stir. If you already own a Ford F150, however, you may wonder how long it will last.

Ford is known for producing some of the most reliable vehicles on the market. Many people prefer them over other brands for this reason.

The Ford F150 is a staple in many households. It holds its value well over time. However, you may wonder, “How long does it last?”

If you want to know how long the Ford F150 typically lasts, then keep reading.

How Long Ford F150s Last: Getting Down to Business

Ford introduced the F150 in 1975. Since then, the beloved truck has woven itself into the fabric of America. Over time, it’s grown to become the country’s most iconic truck.

The F150 is a member of the Ford F series line of trucks. However, it continually overshadows the rest of the lineup. It outperforms them all in popularity, sales and revenue.

Since you’re here, you’re most likely wondering what makes the Ford F150 tick and how long it lasts on the road.

On average, a Ford F150 lasts from 150,000 to 300,000 miles. Somewhere between these two extremes, many Ford F150 owners report needing to rebuild the engine.

For instance, you might use your F150 as a work truck. In that case, you might drive it about 15,000 miles a year.

If so, your F150 will easily give you 20 years of faithful service. However, you can get even more service out of your F150 with proper maintenance.

With this kind of longevity, it’s no wonder that the F150 has been a top-selling truck for more than 45 years.

Mileage of a Typical Ford F150

Most reports say that an F150 can last for about 200,000 miles. Once it passes this mark, studies show that the truck starts requiring expensive upgrades.

Overall, this mileage amounts to about 17 years of service if you drive about 12,000 miles every year. 12,000 miles a year is common for contractors.

It’s worth noting that the Ford F150 is exceptionally built for a large truck. What’s more, it’s engineered to withstand rough handling.

It’s among a handful of vehicles that can make it to the 200,000-mile mark without emptying your bank account. Furthermore, it’s the only truck to have accomplished this feat.

However, there’s something even more remarkable about F150s. Any F150 that’s lasted for 200,000 miles is a hair’s width from being a vintage vehicle.

Newer generations of F150s are even more impressive. They have better engineering.

They also have improved durability. Furthermore, they have improved drivetrains.

It’s very likely that the latest generations of F150s will break the 300,000-mile mark with ease. In fact, most F150s can make it past 300,000 miles with some TLC.

Still, driving habits make a big difference in how long the truck lasts. If you drive your truck hard at work every day, it might not make it to 300,000 miles. Daily hauling and towing will take their toll on the truck over time.

F150s and Rust

F150s are tough, but—surprisingly—they don’t hold up too well to rust. There’s no telling when the F150 body may start to develop rust.

Some new F150 owners complain of corrosion and rust right after driving their trucks off of the lot. Some potential buyers have even noticed rust on the trucks as they’re looking them over at the dealership.

The first sign of rust with F150s might show up as peeling paint or paint bubbles. Alternatively, if you consider buying a used F150, the owner may have concealed rust under flashy signs on the bodywork.

The F150 rust problem is so bad that consumers formed a class action lawsuit about the problem. In the lawsuit, plaintiffs say that their trucks experienced premature corrosion. The corrosion is due to defects in the paint and aluminum body of the truck.

The complaint also states that Ford knew about the problem but didn’t do anything about it. Still, if you purchased in F150 and have rust trouble, your dealership may help—if you’re still under warranty.

The F 150 Versus Competitors

Compared to other similar trucks, the F150 holds its own but fares better in other areas. For instance, the F150 and the Dodge Ram 1500 last about the same amount of time. However, truck owners say that F150s are more reliable and easier to keep up than the Ram.

The F150 also has about equal longevity with the GMC Sierra 1500. However, as with the Ram, consumers rank the F150 higher in reliability.

Elsewhere, a Chevy Silverado might last for 200,000 miles or more than 20 years without much mechanical trouble. Still, a Silverado has higher maintenance costs compared to an F150.

It also has lower fuel efficiency. As with its other competitors, the Ford F150 outranks the Silverado in reliability.

The Ford F150 even holds its own against one of the longest-lasting full-size trucks on the market—the Toyota Tundra. The Ford 150 pulls ahead as a better all-around truck.

The Tundra has a powerful V-8 engine. However, it has a weak comparatively towing capability.

Also, the Tundra only has one available engine option. Conversely, there’s a range of engine options available for the F150. Once again, the F150 comes out on top.

Are F150s Reliable?

If you haven’t figured it out by now, F150s are one of the most reliable trucks around. Vehicle testing experts have confirmed the reliability of the F150 time and again. In 2020, for instance, the F150 ranked an impressive 4.5 out of 5 stars with JD Power for reliability in its truck test category.

The F150 also ranked first in the JD Power 2020 Vehicle Dependability study. It’s the first full-sized truck to receive this recognition.

The Ford F150 also ranks above average with Consumer Reports for reliability. It came behind its competitors such as Dodge, Toyota and Nissan in vehicle test results.

Here, Consumer Reports marked down the F150 because its lightweight aluminum parts are more susceptible to corrosion compared to other trucks. Still, the lighter weight of the Ford F150 provides increased fuel efficiency. At the same time, they reduce cosmetic longevity.

Overall, however, the Ford F150 is one of the most reliable pickup trucks on the market. It also holds its own for plenty of fun off-road adventures.

In addition, Ford offers an impressive lineup of engines that are powerful but exceptionally quiet. They also make for a comfortable driving experience.

On top of this all, the maintenance costs for a Ford F150 are friendly to your pockets. Although, you might pay a bit more for a Ford 150 upfront.

Things to Watch for With F150s

No matter what vehicle you buy, you could end up facing engine problems. The best thing that you can do about this fact is to know the signs and symptoms that are typical for your make and model of vehicle.

Other than the previously mentioned corrosion issues, there are some things you may want to look out for that are a common problem with Ford vehicles. For example, Ford vehicles often have problems with their coil-on-plug ignition coil design. If you purchased a Ford vehicle with a 5.4 Triton engine before 2004, you might also face spark plug issues.

In other instances, the Ford cam phaser fails. When this happens, the drivability of the vehicle is reduced drastically. Also, other moving engine components will wear out faster than normal.

Another common problem with Ford’s 5.4 Triton engine is that the oil pan gasket leaks. A telltale sign of this problem is low oil levels.

Also, you might see oil spots where you park. In addition, oil might leak into the exhaust, causing a burning smell. If you notice this problem, you want to go for vehicle emissions testing right away.

Get Top Dollar for Your Old F150

One of the most important things to consider when buying a new vehicle is how long it will last. Ford F150 trucks have been known for being reliable and lasting much longer than their competitors. However, eventually, all vehicles reach the end of their lifecycle.

If you have a Ford F150 that’s outlived its usefulness, we want you and your family to get the best value for your investment. It may surprise you to learn how easy it is to get a fast estimate over the phone or online by just providing some basic information.

Contact Cash Auto Salvage today at (855) 922-3095 or connect with us online to get a fast offer.

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