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We’d love to buy your Lexus from you. It doesn’t matter what year or condition that your car, truck, or SUV is in. We’ll come to you, tow it for free, and pay you cash on the spot. It’s that simple.

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We know: it’s difficult to depart with a beloved Lexus. Perhaps it was your first luxury vehicle? Or the family car? But sometimes it happens—the old Lexus is taking up space in your garage, the engine dead and leaking, the tires brittle and worn. If it’s time to sell, contact Cash Auto Salvage to get rid of your Lexus today!

Why Cash Auto Salvage?

We offer the best value for your vehicle. Is your car in seriously bad shape? Cash Auto Salvage will take your car no matter its condition. Rusty body? No worries. Engine a mess? Whatever. Gives us a call at 1-855-922-3095 and we’ll give you a quote that will put a smile on your face.

But is it time to sell my Lexus?

It’s difficult to let go of an old Lexus, especially if it has been a hardworking, reliable vehicle. However, there are certainly a few signs that it’s time to sell your vehicle.

  • Are the repairs greater than the value of the car? If so, it may be time to retire your old Lexus.
  • Is your car still delivering? Your Lexus might not be suitable for your needs. Maybe you have a larger family? Or you’ve moved to a place that makes your car impracticable? If any of these apply, it might be time to let the Lexus go.
  • Your car has become untrustworthy. If your Lexus is held together with duct tape, or you can see the road through the floor, it might be time to drive it into the sunset—if only for your safety.

OK, I’m convinced. How does it work?

First, contact Cash Auto Salvage by filling out the form by clicking the button below, or calling us at 1-855-922-3095. One of our friendly customer service representatives will give you a quote for the value of your Lexus. We’ll then set up a time when we can come by and tow away your vehicle. No worries—this service is free of charge. We bring cash when we pick up the vehicle so that you’re paid before your Lexus rides off into the next life.

Will my car be recycled responsibly?

Certainly. We’ve teamed up with the top salvage yards across the country to ensure that your car is recycled according to proper EPA standards. Your vehicle will be used for scrap steel, and all fluids and hazardous materials will be drained from the vehicle and recycled according to local regulations.

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Ready to sell your old Lexus to Cash Auto Salvage? Then contact us now for same day pickup and guaranteed cash in hand. Don’t hesitate. Call us at 1-855-922-3095 for your instant quote!

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