Who Buys Scrap Cars for Cash?

Marc Skirvin
Marc Skirvin

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Who buys scrap cars for cash?
Who buys scrap cars for cash? We Do!

If you have been trying to find someone that is willing to pay for your totaled vehicle or a junk vehicle that you have had in your possession or on your property for a ridiculous amount of time, you’re going to find it to be a little bit more difficult than you had expected or anticipated.

After all, selling a totaled vehicle or a junk vehicle is nowhere near as simple or as straightforward as selling a brand-new or slightly used car – and there are going to be limited customers for these types of purchases.

Hopefully, this quick breakdown of some of the more popular solutions for the selling scrap car problem to give you the ability you need to get top dollar for your junk or totaled car!

Local mechanics are always looking for totaled vehicles for spare parts

The first place that you’re going to want to investigate (and probably the most obvious place to most) is the local mechanics that you have in your area, especially those that you have worked with in the past.

Mechanics are always looking to get their hands on parts cars for their restoration and repair projects, and they may be willing to take your vehicle on so that they don’t have to pay top dollar to new auto parts manufacturers, retailers, or junkyards anymore.

Obviously, you may not be always able to sell your particular vehicle to local mechanics – and they may not be willing to pay top dollar – so make sure you look at the other alternatives as well.

Junkyards are happy to purchase junk vehicles to break them down and strip them for scrap metals

Junkyards (unsurprisingly) are more than happy to purchase junk vehicles and totaled vehicles left and right, adding more and more “stock” to their collection so that they can in turn sell those parts or components (or the raw materials) at a profit.

Again, you are going to be working with rather smart and savvy business people here – do not let the industry stereotypes throw you off. They are going to know exactly what they are going to be able to sell your junk or totaled vehicle for, and they may not be comfortable giving you the best possible price so that they can squeeze as much profit out of the transaction as possible. Still, this is a relatively simple sale – junkyards will take almost anything and everything.

Auto salvage yards in the Cash Auto Salvage network will give you top dollar and cold hard cash for your totaled vehicles

If you are serious about getting the most money out of your junk or totaled vehicles, you’re going to want to investigate the different auto salvage yards in your local area that are members of the Cash Auto Salvage network.

A US-based network of auto salvage yards all throughout the United States, Cash Auto Salvage promises top dollar and cold hard cash for each and every single one of the vehicles that you are looking to sell to them – and they have streamlined the process dramatically so that you can get access to your money just as quickly as possible!

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