17 Up and Coming People to Follow That Tweet About Recycling

Marc Skirvin
Marc Skirvin

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Recycling is not merely a task, it’s a way of life.

We care about recycling and all that embodies the lifestyle of sustainability. Make the world a better place to live, a cleaner place to live, and a productive place to live.

We have compiled a list of the hottest eco-forward Twitter accounts to follow! Beginning with green lifestyle supporters, then creative and wonderful eco-friendly products to consider, and finally trustworthy electronic recycling experts.

We also put these awesome accounts into a simple list for you to follow them all at once.  You can access that list here – Our list of the 17 most up and coming people to follow that tweet about recycling.

And without further ado.  Here is our list…

Green Lifestyle Tips:

Leafygreen.info @leafygreeninfo

Do the words, all-natural, organic, superfood, and compost-able spark your interest? LeafyGreen.info is your new best friend! As their name implies, they give you the right info about healthy, green living and nutrition. Find reviews on the best all-natural products to make your life greener and healthier!

Scott Roewer @TheOrgAgency

A professional organizer with a flare for fun, creative and innovative ideas? That’s Scott Roewer for you. Go green, get organized and stay trendy all at once. Whether the professional organizer is sharing the latest links to top organizing conferences(yes, that exists), answering questions, or hooking you up with freebie green tips, this guy delivers.

Help Recycle @HelpRecycle_com

Does recycling the products in your life ever get confusing, complicated or tedious? Help Recycle clears things up. Their expert recycling advice is to encourage each community to become a recycling one. Both youth and adults can get involved with easy recycling practices. See how it’s possible right on their Twitter feed.

Nourish Now! @NourishNow

Nourish now is focused on food insecurity. They work diligently to stop hunger as well as educate all followers about the various ways that food is wasted in day-to-day life. I bet you had no clue how much food ends in landfills instead of feeding hungry mouths. Stay informed with help from NourishNow.

Amerecycle @Amerecycle

Get the latest recycle, reduce, reuse, sustainability, eco-friendly topics you need to know about from this Twitter account. Amerecycle does it all. They offer insight into the materials being overused, the dilemmas nature faces, and how you can play a part in conserving, recycling and reducing waste overall.

Material Mix @MaterialMixLLC

All you recyclers, and those considering coming over to the recycle side, pay attention to Material Mix. Their profile states: “Material Mix monetizes the trade of recyclables in a sustainable way.” From tips for recycling your plastics, to cool links of recycle-inspired art, and environmental updates, Material Mix will keep you in the loop and encourage you in all your sustainable endeavors.

Northside Salvage Yard @JunkCarsRoc

This Twitter account loves to share cool pics and things of junk cars.  While they mainly operate in Rochester, NY they are sure to share some cool things for everyone to see!

Julie Urlaub @TaigaCompany

Looking for sustainability concepts to put into practice? Maybe Julie Urlaub will inspire you! She takes ‘going local’ to Twitter and encourages everyone to share green concepts.

Green N Brown @GreenNBrown

All things green relate to this twitter account. Follow them to receive information about organic lifestyle. Get exercise tips, new recipes and relevant green news. As the leading online store for green products, following GreenNBrown will instantly connect you to the experts in recycling, organic products and healthy choices.

GreenEnvironmentJobs @GreenEnviroJobs

Is it time to leave your current job for something more suitable to your interests and values? If you care about the environment and sustainability, then take your job search to GreenEnviroJobs. You will find continual, newly listed jobs in recycling, wind energy, and much more!

Cool Recycled Products and Art:

Refresh by Midori @RefreshbyMidori

This gal is one super recycler! This innovative new mom makes eco-friendly art, stays on top of relevant news and topics, and keeps things fresh with fun photos.

Genice @Genice_Rill

Not only does this re-purposer turn trash into pretty treasures she also promotes other recycle designers for you to check out. Genice can connect you to cool, handcrafted creations you might otherwise never find! Recycled goods and jewelry are her specialty.

Repurpose @repurpose

Re-compostable cups is Repurpose’s specialty, but they can motivate you in bigger ways than just what you drink from. Keep up with consumer goods that are turning green. Celebrate earth, eco improvements with them, and learn the reasons to start using plant-based products now.

SustainU @SustainU

Think local, American made products from 100% recycled material and in the most fashionable designs. SustainU gets local recycling and makes awesome t-shirts while they’re at it. They literally turn materials into something both fashionable and customizable with a logo of choice.

Lifefactory @Lifefactory

Moms and Dads, check out Lifefactory for your go to, safe plastic products that are functional and fun. LifeFactory makes plastic bottles and storage containers from organic materials so that your home and family can stay healthy. You can trust their modern sensibility which turns eco-friendly composition into quality products!

Electronic Recycling Pros:

All Green @AllGreen_ITAD

For all your e-waste questions, concerns and dilemmas, check out All Green. They provide leading advice for e-waste topics. A leading global provider of Enterprise IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), Onsite Data Destruction, Reverse Logistics and e-Waste Recycling Services, you will find links to top recycling companies, expert advice and the latest e-waste recycling tips and news.

Electronics TakeBack @ETakeBack

Since electronics are pretty much as important as breathing in today’s digital world, responsibly minded consumers will love ETakeBack. This company leads you to all the latest and future designs of eco-friendly electronic products. Stay in-tune with the most current electronic recycling practices and know which products to use or avoid.

We hope you have found some new friend among this list of experts in the recycling world. 

We have put together all these great accounts to follow in one great list which you can access here – the Top 17 list! Join the conversation and keep making a difference one day and improved habit at a time!

What do you think of our Top 17?


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