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5 Reasons Not to Leave an Unused Junk Car on Your Property

Marc Skirvin
Marc Skirvin

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Do you have an old junk car that’s been sitting on your property since Nixon was president?

Not cool.

Don’t get us wrong – we love vintage cars! The older, the better – as long as it drives like a Sunday morning. But if the vehicle that’s squatting on your yard doesn’t run and has more rust than paint, then it’s high time to let it go.

Many car owners have a hard time getting rid of their old cars for plenty of reasons:

  • Sentimental value – maybe it was their first ever car, or it belonged to a deceased loved one.
  • For the kids – parents choose to give their old car to their children but make the mistake of waiting too long.
  • Perceived value – owners think they can get “X” amount more than the car’s actual market value, pricing themselves out.
  • DIY Restoration – owners, can’t let go of a car because of future plans to restore it, which of course never happens.

If you’re guilty of any of the above, don’t worry! A lot of car owners are. For most of us, the art of letting go is harder, especially for something as valued as a car. But leaving an automobile to rot and rust on your property is doing it a disservice.

Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t leave an unused junk car on your property.

1. It’s a property killer

Abandoned cars contribute to property devaluation. That’s right, the junk car sitting on your driveway is driving the price of your property down, and it’s taking the whole community with it. Your neighbors will love you! If you’re concerned about a junk car that’s on a neighboring vacant lot, conduct a VIN search and report it.

2. It’s an eyesore

Unless you have a junk fetish, a rusting old car looks pretty awful and unsightly. Some may even consider it sad because nothing is more tragic than neglect. Unless you’re actually planning to do something with a junk car like a restoration project or turning it into a sofa, you’re better off selling it.

3. You’re violating the Law of Torts

Yes, there’s such a law as the law of torts in the U.S – it’s called the “attractive nuisance doctrine.” It states that a landowner may be held accountable if an object on the property attracts and injures children, even if they’re trespassing. The rule applies to almost anything that poses a hazard, including abandoned cars, trampolines, and even swimming pools.

4. It attracts undesirables

Junk cars can become a hotel of sorts for unwanted pests. Insects, rats, feral raccoons, wild cats, and even stray dogs may take refuge in an abandoned vehicle. The junk car on your property can also attract vandals, vagrants, and thieves looking to score auto parts.

5. It’s can become toxic and dangerous

A rusting car has sharp edges that can cause injuries requiring stitches or even a tetanus shot. The peeling paint and leaking fluids are also toxic to humans, and to the ground it’s dripping on. Some of the oils are also highly flammable, making abandoned cars an accident waiting to happen.

It’s Time to Sell

If you have a hunk of junk just sitting on your land and you have zero plans for it, now is the perfect time to let it go. We have a vast network of auto salvage yards ready to take a junk car off your hands and even pay you cash for it! We’ll even tow the abandoned car for you – free of charge!

So, what are you waiting for? Sell now!

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Marc is the Co-Founder of Cash Auto Salvage and Director of daily operations. He retired from a leading Internet Marketing company in 2013 and has been involved in the automotive industry ever since.

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