6 Common Chevy Silverado Problems You Should Know

common chevy silverado problems

The Chevy Silverado was first introduced in 1999, and today we’re up to the third generation of this vehicle. This is a beloved American pickup truck, but it still has its fair share of problems. Many things have gone wrong with the Chevy Silverado, and some problems are bad enough to make you consider switching vehicles due … Read more

How to Restore a Salvage Car

rebuild salvage car

Buying a new car can be expensive. However, if you’re handy in the garage, you could probably restore a salvage car. Some people are put off by the fact that insurance companies have written vehicles off, but that should not stand in your way of possibly getting a good deal on a salvage car. It … Read more

How to Sell a Broken Car

sell broken car

Whether it doesn’t run anymore, or the damages are too expensive to fix, you have a broken car on your hands, and you need to cut your losses and get rid of it. Except, the market for cars and car parts is so vast that you don’t even know where to begin or how to … Read more

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