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Cash For Cars: 10 Tips to Sell Your Car Fast

tips to sell car fast

A car’s value depreciates rapidly and it’s almost twice as faster now than in 2014.

Too much supply plays a huge factor. This means that the older your car, the harder it will be to sell it at a price you want.

Getting a good amount of cash for cars you’re ready to get rid of might be harder now. But it will still be worthwhile in the end if you’re smart in making deals.

So how can you be more effective at selling your car? How can you make the most profit?

Pay attention to these 10 tips I’m about to tell you, and you’ll sell your car in no time.

1. Prepare Yourself

You’re going to go through this, but are you ready?

Selling anything means being able to answer questions. In the case of a car, you should also prepare to meet up with strangers asking to inspect it. Be ready to clear your schedule or drop appointments if need be when such request comes up.

If you know that you can’t commit, why not ask a trusted family member or a friend to do it for you? They can make negotiations on your behalf or you can ask for a set price. Make sure they know your car – even the tiny details like dents or the new parts.

But if you’re willing to do anything to get cash for cars prepares a sales pitch. Have the answers to these questions:

  • What’s the fuel economy like?
  • How did it perform for you?
  • What are the safety features?
  • Are there any recalls in the past associated with this model?

Know that selling a car will last a few weeks, especially when you’re making repairs. Unless you have a Kia Sportage, named fastest selling car of 2017, don’t get frustrated at the wait.

2. Get Everything Ready

You got your sales pitch, your availability is not a problem… now what? Make your car look handsome, of course.

You can still get an ample amount of cash for cars that may not look its prime by cleaning. For the most profits, take the effort to wax it and wash the floor mats.

It’s also a good time to take the car to a mechanic and ask for a full report. It may alert you to unknown issues and let you know all the repairs you need to do.

If something’s broken, you can choose to fix it so you can set a higher price. You can, however, choose not to. Show the report to the potential buyers so they know what they’re getting into.

While your car is being groomed, you can start preparing the documents.

Each state has different requirements when selling a car, but it tends to involve:

  • Title
  • Bill of sale
  • Release of liability
  • Warranty

Check out your state’s requirements before you put your car up for sale here. Aside from these, you can also include the car’s maintenance records.

3. Research

Did you know that a car’s value drops 11% the moment you drive it for the first time? If you aim to get quick cash for cars you own, you have to do your research as soon as possible.

After a year, the value decreases by 19% percent on average. When you get to five years, the car will have lost over half of its original value.

So how much is your car worth? This is where research comes in.

Check out the other cars for sale in your area with the same model as yours. How much are they selling? Are there any improvements done? What’s the extent of damages? What’s the mileage?

Figure out the average and from there, you can estimate how much your car is worth. It’s also worth it to check online resources to get a good idea of the price you can set.

4. Make Improvements If Possible

Your car value isn’t what you’re hoping it to be? Don’t worry, there are ways to increase it if you are willing to make the time.

Cleaning your car is a must, but a full-on detailing job can increase the value by several hundred dollars. You can do it yourself, but pay attention to the tires, compartments, windows, and mats. If the floor mats are old and ugly, consider getting new ones.
The tires are also a good area to improve. Replacing them with an inexpensive set can boost the value. Shine the rims and your car will look brand new.

You might also have to shell out money if you want to have the car repaired. Dents and scratches can lower the value, as do some minor issues.

Don’t spend a large amount of cash for cars needing major repairs. Rather, work on those small issues, and the payoff will be big. You can even work on them yourself if you’re a handyman. If not, it’s better to let a professional handle it lest you aggravate the problems.

5. Price Accordingly

Be smart on the pricing – don’t set it too high nor too low. A high price will turn away potential customers and a low price might be suspicious. Many people live by the rule, “If it’s too good to be true, it likely isn’t.”

You can be firm with the price, which you should mention on the ad, or you can have a little wiggle room. Prepare for the negotiations because people will ask for the last price anyway. Not a lot of people are willing to pay a lot of that are already used.

On that note, decide on the least amount you’re willing to sell the car for and stick with it. Don’t entertain lowballers and don’t hesitate to reject an offer if it falls below the amount.

You know your car and you’ve done your research, so you know best how much it’s worth. Giving in to the first offer you get will only make you regret later.

A nice trick you can do is set the asking price a little higher than what you expect to get. This way, you’re more likely to get more offers for negotiations. You’ll also be more receptive, which can make the conversation going.

6. Take Good Pictures

This is the fun part. If you’re selling online, this step is a must. But make sure to take quality pictures to generate interest in your ad.

Take your car out of the garage and take it somewhere bright and park it where you can use a beautiful backdrop. You can take photos with your camera phone, but if you’ve got a better camera, use it.

Take a photo of the front, the sides, and the rear. Position the car’s full image into the center of the photo for better results. Get a close-up of the best features or the issues like dents and scratches.

Photograph the interior as well: the seats, the dashboard, and the floor mats. Include photos of the trunk, the engine, and the wheels.

Take your time in capturing the perfect pictures. Play with angles and don’t let the sun’s glare ruin your photos. Your car needs to look good, but not too perfect that you’ll want to hide the flaws.

Remember to take the pictures after you’ve cleaned and repaired the car! This way, you’ll still make cash for cars past its prime.

7. Write a Compelling Ad

A good advertisement is simple in design, but it provides all the details that a buyer needs to know. As a rule of thumb, include this information:

  • Exact year and model of the car
  • Good photos
  • Bought brand new or second hand?
  • Mileage
  • Is it running or is it junk?
  • History of repairs
  • Repairs that need doing
  • New parts, if any
  • VIN number
  • Asking price

As for the asking price, make sure to state whether it’s negotiable or not. Be familiar with this lingo and what they tell the buyers:


This means you’re not likely to give in to pressure. You’re willing to take the time to wait for someone who’ll buy the car for the indicated price.

Push for a Better Offer

Get ready to entertain offers below the stated price. You can put this if you’re in a hurry to get cash for cars.

Needs to Go

This means you’re more likely to sell it to the first offer you get. Why not consider tip #9 if you can take any amount of cash for cars ASAP?

8. Get the Word Out

Once you’re done preparing and taking photos, it’s now time to let the world know you want to get cash for cars.

The internet is a good place to start. Check out forums and advertisement websites. Post your compelling ad on where you did your research if you did it in a diligent manner.

You can also take your social media account to advertise your car. Write a simple status about your intent to sell a car – pictures and description included – and have your friends share it. There are also groups on Facebook where you can advertise for free.

You can also put the ad on the car itself. Stick a “For Sale” sign on your car with your contact information if you plan to still use it to drive around. You may be able to catch the eye of a potential buyer that might not see it on the internet.

On the last note, let everyone you know that you’re letting go of your car. A co-worker may get interested, or they may be able to refer you to someone who is willing to hand over cash for used cars.

9. Approach a Buyer Paying Cash for Cars

If you want an easy way to get cash for cars, you can talk to a local dealer instead. Note that you’ll still need to do the first five tips if you want to make a nice profit. But, there are pros and cons to this.

The number one benefit is that you’ll sell the car right away – no ad posting, no communicating with different buyers, and no hassle of dealing with scammers. Dealerships also handle the paperwork for DMV, which makes the transaction faster.

But you may have to settle for less than your car’s value. You can make up to 15% more by selling it yourself, according to KBB. It’s up to you, though, to decide if that 15% is worth the hassle and time of organizing the sale yourself.

Another way to get cash for cars is by selling it to an auto salvage company. You can trade in old or totaled cars and still make money.

This has the same benefit as the dealership in a way that you won’t have to go through the selling process. You can get your money in an instant and they often have better offers than dealerships!

10. Negotiate and Complete the Sale

Talking to a potential buyer? Great! You’re now in the final stage of selling.

Everyone who contacts you or whom you contact will negotiate for a lower price. If you follow tip #2, the outcome will be more favorable because you might get what you want or close to it. Don’t forget the least amount you’re willing to go for, and the negotiation will be a little easier.

This is also the part where you’ll take about payment and delivery. This is crucial. This is where they’ll likely pressure you into making a hasty decision, like taking the check or driving to a suspicious location.

Steer the conversation to a conclusion that’s favorable for both you and the customer. Set a time and place you’re both comfortable in to make the transaction. You can also consider using an escrow service if the client wants the car delivered.

Get Cash and Sell Your Car Quick Today

When you receive the cash for cars, it’s time to do the paperwork, such as signing over the title, submitting the Release of Liability to DMV, and more. See the second tip for the documents you need.

These tips will save you some headaches.

If you’ve decided to forego the stressful steps and sell your car to a junk car buyer instead, contact us to get a free quote. Visit us at our numerous locations across all states to get cash for cars now!

How to Get the Most Value for Your Scrap Car

It makes sense to run your car into the ground. A car never appreciates. As soon as you drive it off the lot it’s worth less than when it was parked and unsold.

But now that your car, while it served you well, is complete junk, what are you going to do with it? It’s not like you have to dispose of a car on a regular basis.

The best method of disposing of an old junk car is by scrapping it.

Scrapping a car essentially means selling it for the worth of its parts. And a single car is made up of about 30,000 parts.

A good many of these parts can be reused or repurposed. And there are people in the world who will buy a car just for its parts.

Junking your car isn’t exactly like selling it on a used lot. Depending on your situation, you may not even be able to move your car.

So, how do you get the most out of your scrap car without spending too much money? We’ve got all the answers you need right here.


How To Tell If Your Car Is Scrap Worthy

It might be a little embarrassing if you take your old jalopy to the used car salesman and he says, “Sorry, sir, I wouldn’t be able to sell that even if you threatened my life.”

It’s possible to tell if your car is really a junk car, but there are a few questions you probably should ask before you make that determination.

And there will come a point where it’s absolutely obvious your car is way past its last legs. But you might need to get rid of it before it comes to that.

So, at what point is a car not worth sitting on a used car lot?


When The Cost Of Future Repairs Is More Than What You’d Spend On A Car Loan Payment

Car repairs can be costly. For check engine light repairs in the United States, it costs car owners an average of $387.37 per visit to the car garage.

And sometimes, the older the car, the more expensive the repairs.

If you’re spending $200 or more each month for car repairs, you might consider at least selling your car if not scrapping it.

Some used cars cost 8-10K. And if your car is really at the end of the road, then you’ll end up spending less or the same on a newer used car payment each month than you are on repairs to your scrap car.


It’s Bleeding Gas Like A Grievous Wound

Cars are more fuel efficient today than they’ve ever been. Cars hit on average 23.6 miles per gallon back in 2012. And they’re becoming more fuel efficient every year.

If you’ve got an old clunker, and you’ve already spend a ton on repairs, you might be keeping it alive with gas and wasting money.

Let’s say you’re driving around an old pickup. And let’s say it gets 8 miles to the gallon.

If you upgrade to a newer vehicle that gets 40 miles to the gallon, you’ll save over $3000 each year on gas according to a car upgrade calculator.


You’ve Already Sunk Too Much Money In Your Scrap Car

Don’t beat yourself up over this one. If you’ve already paid $3000 for a new transmission and yet it still needs more repairs, it might be time to cut your losses.

Consider how much you would get for the car on the lot. It might be nothing. If that’s the case and you’re spending tons on your vehicle, scrap it.

You can mitigate your losses a little by selling it for parts. But you’re never going to get the full money you sunk into repairing your vehicle recently.


Is It Totaled?

To figure out if your car is totaled after an accident, check the worth of the vehicle.

If the cost of repairs is more than the vehicle’s worth, your car is totaled. It’s a scrap car at that point.

At this point, if your car is insured, your insurer will (depending on state laws) offer you a cash settlement or offer to replace your car with a comparable car in your area.

But if you weren’t insured, you could just scrap your car for cash.


Are Future Repairs Too Costly?

Future finances and repairs are another set of considerations. How much will the car cost to repair in its last year or years? And can you afford to keep repairing it?

To find out the answer to the first question, you can always ask your mechanic. If you’ve found an honest mechanic, they’ll give you an honest estimate or at least guess.

Your mechanic has probably been around cars for years and seen all kinds of situations. They’ll know when a car is ready for the scrap heap or still worth trying to sell in a used car lot.

Only you can know if your future finances can cover the cost of repairs. Also remember that the older a car is, the more likely it will break down. Even your mechanic can’t know all the things that might happen to your car.


Search Car Forums For More Advice

If you’re still unsure if your car is a scrap car or not, there are thousands of car forums out there.

Other motorists will likely have advice for you on those forums. But be careful with forum advice. Make sure you always corroborate advice with actual professionals.

But, you can find out what repairs people have had to make on their cars. And you can compare costs with other motorists.

Learning from other people’s mistakes is the beginning of wisdom. So make sure you consult everyone you can before making your decision.


How To Get Money Out Of Your Scrap Car

Now that you’ve determined that your car is a scrapper, it’s time to actually make some money or recoup lost funds.


Prepare Your Car For Scrapping

There are a few things you need to do to prepare your scrap car to be stripped for parts. These are important as you want this to be as easy a process as possible.

Remove Your Belongings

You might not have much or you might have your whole life in your car. But you’re going to need access to all parts of your car.

To get access to all parts of your car, it needs to be empty of things that don’t count as your scrap car.

Even if you are dropping your scrap car off at a junkyard, it’s still your responsibility to remove your stuff.

And be thorough. You never know how much pocket change you might find in those seat cushions.

If you value any of your CD, check your CD player for discs. And any personal paperwork should go with you when you leave the junkyard.


Have Your Title Ready

If you’re taking your scrap car to the junkyard for cash, then you need to transfer ownership to the junkyard.

If a junkyard doesn’t ask for a title, insist they take it anyway. You still own the car when it goes into the junkyard and the car still works, that car could be a liability to you.

So, have your title and your photo ID ready when you take the car to the junkyard.

Of course, if you’re scrapping the car yourself, then you won’t have to worry about the title as the car will be in a million pieces by the time you’re done with it.


Remove Valuable Parts

If you haven’t made a deal yet with the junkyard, you can possibly take out some valuable parts yourself to sell for more money.

The battery, if newish, might be worth something. And if you have newer tires, you can replace those with balding tires.

Any stereo systems or electronic gear would be valuable on eBay or elsewhere.

This is a great way to get extra cash for your scrap car before junking it completely.


Use All The Gas

If your car is still running, it’s time for a short road trip.

This could actually be fun.

And besides, the junkyard doesn’t want your gasoline. They have to drain any fluids out of your vehicle before they can scrap the car anyway.

If your car doesn’t run anymore, you can always siphon off the gas and use it for another vehicle.

Although, this might not be worth it if you don’t want to get gasoline in your mouth. It typically requires you putting a hose in your gas tank and sucking the gas out until it begins to flow.

But if you’re low on cash and don’t want to lose a tank of gas, then siphoning out your gas is a plausible option.


Remove The License Plates And Cancel Insurance

Some states require you return your license plates. But even if you don’t need to return the plates, it’s still a good idea to take the plates with you when you scrap your car.

If you leave the plates on, others could use the plates to hide nefarious deeds. And you don’t want your name out there for something you didn’t do.

Also, you probably don’t want to be paying your insurance after the car is in a million pieces. Make sure you get ahold of your insurance company and cancel all auto insurance policies you have on the vehicle.


Questions To Ask The Junkyard

  • Should I strip the car of its non-metal parts to get a better price?
  • What’s the method of payment?
  • What’s the estimated payment for my vehicle?
  • Will they charge for a pickup if the vehicle won’t move?


How To Scrap A Car Yourself

If you want to try and scrap the car yourself, you can price all the parts yourself.

If you’ve had a little bit of experience working on cars, you might choose this method. But it might be a bit more work than you anticipate.

Ask yourself how much time do you want to spend just to get a few extra bucks off the sale of individual parts.

If you’re still sure you want to scrap the car yourself after that, there are a few steps you need to take to get the job done.


Find Which Part Killed The Car

If the car completely died, then there was a reason. If you don’t already know the reason, you’ll want to figure it out. Then you’ll know which parts are good for sale or not.

If multiple parts failed, you may want to consider still taking it to the junkyard.


Sell The Battery First

Like we said before, the battery could be worth something if it’s newer. Even if it’s not new, the lead in the battery is usually worth something.

So make sure you strip out that battery first before any other part.

And remember to drain the gas. You could sell it or use it in another vehicle. But you don’t want it in there while you’re scrapping everything else.

If you don’t, it could be dangerous to work on the car.


Remove The Basics

Your scrap car is now ready for scrapping. This is where you really start to make the money.

An obvious sell are the tires. If your tires still have tread on them they could be worth some money.

If you have an unusual kind of tire or a particular kind of truck tire, you should be able to sell the tires online for a decent amount of cash.

The stereo system is probably worth some money. There’s a reason they make removable stereos now. It’s always been the easiest and most lucrative part of the car to steal.

If you had a decent sound system, you can sell that pretty quickly online as well. Make sure you don’t forget the subwoofer under the back seat.

Now, strip out the plastic parts. You can take off things like the steering wheel pretty easily.

Other non-metal parts might include the seats, the seat covers, headrests, glove boxes, windshield wipers, headlights, and dashboard lights.


You Might As Well Junk Your Scrap Car

Stripping anything more than the non-metal parts will require quite a lot more work than it’s worth. The engine block requires a massive chain and crane system to remove from the car.

Some parts might require a torch to remove.

If you don’t want to go through all that work, you might as well junk your scrap car. Get a free quote on your scrap car right now. We’ll make you a fair deal.


Sell Junk Cars For Cash Anywhere Across The Nation


Got an old ‘hunk of junk’ in your backyard? What about that car in your garage that just won’t start for anything? You might even have a car lounging on your curbside that’s just been there… for the past few years! If you’re in this situation, you’re not alone. Lots of people have had to deal with junk cars at some point in their life. Only then, they didn’t know that they could actually sell those junky cars for cash.

Yes, you can actually turn that potential scrap heap into cash for yourself. Why let your junk car’s value continue to fester when you can get cash out of it?

Selling your junk car for cash

You can sell junk cars for cash anywhere across the nation—you just need to know where to look. And, naturally, there are several ways you can sell a junk car for cash.

Some people part out their cars, while others have no problem having selling their cars to a service that buys up junk cars and gives their former owners cash. Cash Auto Salvage is a company that handles just that—though, before you look at our services, we’re not done talking about selling them for cash here.

Before you even consider selling your junk car, you need to learn the true value of that same car. I mean, would you even buy a used car without knowing its true value? No, of course not! So, you pretty much have to take that same methodology in mind when you’re selling your junk car.

Wouldn’t you want to get the most money out of that junk car? I think so. So, if you’re thinking about selling off your junk car, Cash Auto Salvage has some tips to help you get prepared before you do so. If you’re interested in working with us to get some cash out of that car, you’re free to check out our website.

Tips for selling your junk cars anywhere across the U.S.

There are several steps you need to take care before turning over that car to a company that specializes in buying junk cars. Thankfully, all of those steps are relatively simple to plan.

Become the vehicle’s titleholder or owner. You can’t sell a junk car without owning the vehicle, since many establishments that do buy junk cars can’t buy it from you if you don’t. So, before you do business, take care of that business!

Determine the value of that vehicle. You can always look up the current market value of your junk car online. When you find that particular figure, you’ll also have to compare and subtract that figure against the costs for a potential repair. The result you get is usually the current value of that vehicle. Knowing that value helps you understand how much you can get out of a company that will give you cash for that same vehicle.

Start looking around for companies. Now that you know the value of your junk car, it’s best to start shopping around for companies who may want to buy up that junk vehicle. Some places pick up junk cars for free, while others do charge based on the condition of the vehicle. You can always contact Cash Auto Salvage, too, if you’re interested in working with us!


3 Things Every Owner Needs to Know About Scrap Prices for Cars

scrap prices for cars

You’ve been looking at the junk car that’s been taking up space in your garage for months, wondering how much cash for junk cars Harrisburg PA salvage yards will pay. Well, stop wondering and start looking up scrap prices for cars.

Cars are the most recycled items in the U.S., with more than 25 million tons of materials recovered from the 12 million cars recycled annually. Not only is that good for the environment, but it’s good for car owners who get a little extra cash in their pocket. Plus, you can say goodbye to that junk car once and for all.

So to get the most for your vehicle, here are some things you need to know about scrap prices for cars:

Waiting means less money for your junk car
It’s common for people to hesitate before selling their vehicle, regardless of its condition. Some people may have an emotional connection to their car that prevents them from selling. Others think they may be able to repair or restore their car once they have the time and money. Whatever the reason may be for waiting, it’s important to understand that the longer you wait to get cash for junk cars, the less it will be worth.

You can get more money if your car is drivable
For example, at most salvage yards giving cash for cars in York PA, cars that are still in working condition are guaranteed to be worth more than those that are not. This is because it does not require extra work like towing, saving both time and money.

You are more likely to get better scrap prices for cars that are drivable if it can be sold at an auction. Keep in mind that unless your car is in excellent condition, it will most likely be part of a group of cars being sold. If that’s the case, try to manage your expectations.

Salvage prices VS. Scrap prices for cars
One of the most important things to keep in mind when looking at scrap prices for cars is that scrap metal prices don’t include parts of the car that are still useful. This can be things like the alternator, starter motor, new tires, or other parts that can be easily removed and sold. Remember that most salvage yards do the labor of stripping cars themselves. Since they are taking most of the risk in doing so, you may not receive the entire value of the parts they sell.

Each year, the owners of 27 million cars have to say goodbye when their vehicles reach the end of the road. So when the time finally comes, don’t wait too long to junk your car. Consider how much you can get if it is still running, and keep in mind that scrap is worth less than salvage prices.

While saying goodbye to a car can be stressful and bittersweet, keep these scrap prices for cars tips in mind to maximize your payout.

Selling 101: How Junk Cars Are Sold at Auctions

cash for cars

Car accidents happen. When they do, it is important to know what your next steps as the owner of the vehicle are. If your car is like one of the 27 million others who have reached the end of their use or have significant accident damage, you may be looking for scrap prices for cars. Keep in mind that cars are the most recycled item in the U.S., with 12 million recycled each year. Yet most people have no idea how these junk cars make it to the auction. If you have questions about the junk car auction process (or just want to get cash for cars), then here is what you need to know about how auto salvage auctions work.

From the Insurance Company to the Auction House
After a major car accident happens, insurance companies typically take ownership of the vehicle if it has been confirmed totaled. In most cases, the insurance company has already established a relationship with a particular salvage yard and will use them to get cash for cars that are damaged beyond repair.

Analysis, Reporting, and Information
Before a car is sold at an auction, it is fully analyzed and a report is generated by the auction. The report itself includes images, VIN information, as well as major and minor defects. The more information that is included in the report, the better the salvage yard will be able to assess the value of the vehicle. After analyzing the car and getting information on all its used parts, the vehicle is placed on a lot and the auction’s website.

Let the Bidding Begin
Here in upstate New York, many salvage yards that give cash for junk cars Buffalo NY residents put up for sale use “proxy bids” to determine their bid amount. These types of bids allow someone to enter a bid without being an active participant in the live auction itself. If the proxy bid remains the highest bid after all bids have been placed and the auction ends, that bidder wins the vehicle and it is towed to the salvage yard.

Many of the cars auto salvage yards sell at auctions are often stripped and recycled for metal materials. In fact, every year the U.S. and Canada recycle enough steel to make 13 million new vehicles. If you are considering getting cash for cars you are no longer using, choose a salvage yard and place your cars in an auction.