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10 Signs You Need a Car Engine Rebuild

car engine rebuild

The prospect of a faulty vehicle provokes anxiety for several reasons. First, there’s the inconvenience of dealing with it when you’ve got work or a social appointment. Then there’s the most important aspect — safety and health. Rebuilding old engines may be annoying for scheduling purposes, but delaying your car engine rebuild leads to worse circumstances. … Read more

Car Overheating? Here’s Why!

car overheating

It’s no secret that cars are complicated machines. They are constructed of thousands of parts, and each part is vital to its performance and reliability. But this also means that there’s a huge potential for mechanical failure. Anyone who’s ever owned a car understands that car problems can happen at any time. After all, your engine … Read more

Catalytic Converter Replacement and Repair: How Much Do They Cost?

catalytic converter replacement

Many mechanics and car enthusiasts will agree that driving a vehicle with a bad catalytic converter isn’t all that dangerous. However, over time a clogged converter can lead to some pretty severe engine damage. Perhaps dangerous is a subjective term, but regardless of what “they” say, you shouldn’t ignore any issues that arise due to a faulty catalytic converter. … Read more

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