Hydrolocked Motor? This Is What You Need to Understand

hydrolocked motor

Pop quiz: what happens when you combine metal, fire and water? Answer: Disaster. If you’re new to internal combustion (or know nothing about cars), you may be tempted to speed through a large puddles. Sure, it’s thrilling to create your own waves…until your engine dies. Unless you want to destroy your vehicle or pay some … Read more

Catalytic Converter Replacement Cost: A Price Analysis

catalytic converter replacement

When you think of car maintenance, you probably think about the transmission, the engine, the brakes, and HVAC maintenance. You probably don’t think about the catalytic converter. That is because this is not a typical repair to have to make on a car more than once, and some cars will never need a replacement. However, … Read more

Tie Rod Replacement Cost (Everything You Need To Know)

tie rod replacement cost

If your car doesn’t seem to run as smoothly as it should, you might have malfunctioning tie rods. Tie rods are indispensable components of a car that keep your tires calibrated and actively manage your suspension system. However, tie rods tend to age over time, and they can wear out more quickly if you usually … Read more

How To Get Dents Out of a Car [DIY Guide]

get dents out of a car diy

Paying to get a dent out of your car doesn’t always have to be costly. Oftentimes, we’re willing to pay whatever it costs to get dents out of a car. After all, no one likes riding around in a dent-up vehicle. However, before you go to an expensive auto shop and pay too much for … Read more

10 Signs You Need a Car Engine Rebuild

car engine rebuild

The prospect of a faulty vehicle provokes anxiety for several reasons. First, there’s the inconvenience of dealing with it when you’ve got work or a social appointment. Then there’s the most important aspect — safety and health. Rebuilding old engines may be annoying for scheduling purposes, but delaying your car engine rebuild leads to worse circumstances. … Read more

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