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Chip Shortage and Junk Car Prices

chip shortage junk car prices

Used cars are generally known for being a good option when someone’s budget is on the lower end of things. Unfortunately, that’s not necessarily the case these days. There’s a global chip shortage ongoing, which means the prices of used cars have undergone a monumental increase. The only people benefiting from this at this point? … Read more

[Drive or Dispose] What to Do About Your Junk Car

what to do about junk car

Even when the paint is chipping off, and the engine is sputtering, we still find a space in our garage for the car that has been with us for so long. Call it sentimental value or separation anxiety, but it is difficult to let go of something that’s been with you for many years.  Indeed, … Read more

3 Reasons Why Electrical Issues Can Turn Your Car into Junk

car electrical issues junk

One car problem that can cause you some major headaches is when you encounter electrical issues. It’s best to avoid this kind of damage, otherwise, your car will likely end up in the junkyard. In some mild cases, cars with electrical damage are still salvageable. However, once electrical problems emerge in your vehicle, small and … Read more

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