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4 Eye Opening Signs You Need to Junk Your Car

Marc Skirvin
Marc Skirvin

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Do you have an old junk car? Is your precious space being wasted? Thinking about recycling your old junk car but don’t know what to look for? Here are some simple signals that will guide you to see if your car can be salvaged for cash.

4 Signs to Junk Your Car
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Sign #1 Your car is not in good condition.

The term “junk auto” means a vehicle that is inoperable or is sitting around in one’s driveway or garage. If your car has not been operating and you know you will not be able to sell it, this is the perfect opportunity to recycle what has been sitting around for cash in your pocket. At Cash Auto Salvage, we come pick up your automobile for free and properly recycle it with only the best in the auto salvage industry.

Sign #2: Your car is an older model.

It may be more beneficial to junk your car and sell it for parts or salvage, rather than selling it to a private buyer. Not only is the process faster and more convenient to sell the car for scrap, but you may be able to get more cash by recycling it. We buy junk cars, trucks, and SUVs in any condition.

Sign #3: Car Dealership isn’t offering you much.

For an automobile to be useful to a dealership, they want the car in mint condition. If they were to buy your car, they want to put back in as little money as possible for resale. By putting on new tires or fixing engine problems, they are not going to turn around your car for a small amount of money. To dealerships, these cars are looked at as “junk” and you will not be getting much money for your car, if any. Sell these types of cars to us so you can put the cash we give you towards a new car.

Sign #4: Expensive fixes.

To put your car in perfect condition or to even pass inspection to make it run again, fixes to any part of your vehicle can add up fast. By salvaging your car, instead of putting more money into it, you can get cash in return for it. To see how much your vehicle may be worth, fill out our webform to request your free, no hassle quote on your junk car.

If You Need to Junk Your Car, Call Us!

If you see any of these signs and are interested in salvaging your car, let us at Cash Auto Salvage, the nation’s premiere network of auto salvage yards across America, help you out. Give us a call at 1 855-922-3095.

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